Monday, March 22, 2010

Studio style

 sadly not my studio but the beautful work of steve gianetti via velvet & linen

My art studio is housed in a small building separate to our main house. And that's a very good thing. Because I would have to be the messiest person alive when I'm in the middle of a painting. I've tried many times to keep the chaos under control, but it's just not in my nature.

To start with, the room was dark and depressing, boasting exposed brick walls that sucked all the available light out of the room. And before I claimed it for myself, it had become a general dumping ground for all our excess stuff.

I'm always amazed at the difference a few litres of white paint makes. Actually make that ten litres. Those brick walls were thirsty and so porous, it took three coats before it even looked like covering. But it was definitely worth it and the amount of light in the room is quite amazing. We pulled up the musty old carpet, and gave the floors a makeover too - a soft french grey.

I'll be back with some pics of the finished room soon, as soon as I finish my latest painting  (and give it a bit of a tidy up!)  Until then, here are some stunning examples to whet your appetite.

from here

... oh if only!   from here
Happy Monday,
Kerri x


  1. Wow, a bleary eyed, not quite awake read..I thought that first photo was your studio and I was going to ask if I could come and live with you! Have a great day.

  2. Your studio is going to be great. How wonderful to have a room for yourself. I love grey and white exteriors, I wish my house could be that colour but I don't think I'll get hubby to agree to massive rendering, painting etc,.! Have a lovely Monday..Rxx

  3. Wow, painting the walls of your studio has made such a huge difference!!!! I can't wait to see it when it's finished.

    Those other studios are to die for. That's what I really need. Thanks so much or sharing Kerri, have a lovely day.
    Janette xx

  4. I know what you mean about it not being in your nature to tidy up, my craft room sometimes look like a bob has set off!

  5. oh my! this is so exciting. what a huge makeover! i think ALL WHITE is beautiful and the ultimate dream! cant wait to see the final product.


  6. I love painted brick... in fact, I have some in my basement that I'll be painting soon (we're renovating) and I know it'll look fab! And I have to say that I saw a lot of interesting treasures in your pre-painted studio!!

    Thank you so much for your positive, supportive comments on my home-staging job... I so apprecaite it!!

    My blog partner Kelly and I are looking forward to seeing you again at DesignTies!

  7. I tell you ,white paint is amazing!! x

  8. Isn't it amazing how much difference a coat of white paint can make :) Can't wait to see your finished studio. Have a great start to your week x

  9. I am so happy to have managed to work out that your blog belonged to you Kerri:) Thanks so much! I love the white paint and the French Grey floor, and can't wait to see your new painting:) I could only dream of having such a space! Wishing you a lovely week ~ Tina xx

  10. Thanks everyone, it's so much nicer to work in now it's white and bright. I'll post some more photos soon.
    Have a great week,
    K x

  11. Thank you for visiting and your kind words. I have just had a little journey through your posts and love those paintings. Will settle and have a more thorough look very soon.
    PS Love the white studio.

  12. These studios are too gorgeous! Can't wait to see yours finished and full of beautiful paintings. Leigh

  13. This is so lovely! I just found your enchanting blog!
    I am lovin'it!
    I can see where you are going to be very creative in this new space! Can't wait to see it when you are done!

  14. I want a studio like that! Looking great - thanks for the sweet comment and visit, Kerri! xx

  15. Too good Kerri - you know how much I'm in favour of painting over ugly 'ol brown bricks!
    Millie ^_^



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