Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bathing beauty

Hi all,

Now that the renovation of our main bathroom is all but complete, we can start on the ensuite. As it's just for the two of us, and all teenagers (and occasionally husband!) will be banished, we can be a little more adventurous, and luxurious, in our selections. In the interests of consistency I plan to incorporate some of the elements of our main bathroom, but overall the plan is for a room with its own individual look.

The room is small, so the use of more luxe materials like marble won't break the bank. One thing that's certain is colour - most definitely white. I'm thinking a marble-topped vanity, white tile, and a serene atmosphere. Here are a few inspirational examples to get things underway.

david jimenez 

james michael howard

country living

unknown - sorry

Dreamy examples, don't you think? Now, how to choose just one.....

Happy Wednesday
Kerri x


  1. Ooh exciting!! Love the first image and the one with the little wooden stool. Hope you have fun picking out everything for the new ensuite - be sure to share we us all :)

  2. 1th and 2nd pictures are great. You are on a right path.
    Good luck.

  3. Hard to go wrong with white, I do love number one..Rx

  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone. So many pretties to choose from, so few bathrooms!
    K x

  5. That first bathroom is beautiful!

  6. I love them all. White is fresh, isn't it? Love your blog.

  7. We are about to renovate our bathroom, and I am making a scrap book of ideas. I love all of these, especially those dreamy windows above the bath.



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