Thursday, October 14, 2010

For Sale...some of my favourite homes. Ever.

A couple of weeks ago, I was doing a little real estate stalking, and found that some of my all-time favourite houses were for sale. Many of these have been featured in magazines, and all share the same, luxury beach house style. One is also the work of my favourite architect, Walter Barda, whose designs, in my opinion, capture that quintessential Aussie beach house vibe.

 1. 4 Nabilla Road, Palm Beach NSW

 2. 35 Careel Head Road, Avalon NSW

3. 149 Hudson Pde, Avalon NSW. Designed by Walter Barda. Divine.

 4, 174 Hudson Parade, Clareville NSW

 all images courtesy

Wonder if I could convince Mr Barda to move to Brisbane? I think his designs would work just perfectly up here.

Have a great day everyone, I know I will - I'm catching up with the lovely author of one of my favourite blogs. Will share all the goss tomorrow!


  1. Where oh where is that winning Lotto ticket when you need it! Aren't they all just beautiful...sigh.

  2. I'll take all of the above thanks!
    You're right Kerri, these designs would really suit our neck of the woods. I'm really surprised there aren't more like them here.

  3. Oh wow they are dreamy! I wish I had one of those!

  4. All quite similar and all quite lovely and all a little out of my reach and in the wrong darn place! I think we have similar taste though - they all seem so sunny and bright and relaxed yet stylish. Very liveable.... Ann x

  5. omg bring it on i say! Grew up in the Northern Beaches and have lots of friends living very close to those addresses...beautiful spot and just my style. thanks for sharing ! I will tell myself our house is a mini version of those! Mel xx

  6. Such beautiful homes. I could quite happily move in to any of them. I was surprised when you said the architect wasn't from Queensland as the homes said Queensland to me. Thanks for showing the pictures:)

  7. Oh I love the Palm Beach house! ;-)

  8. Oh, wouldn't they work a treat up here... real homes... timber and stone, raked ceilings and gables, shutters and french doors... I love every inch of them. Deep sigh! A-M xx

  9. Do you think my hubby would mind the travel to and from work here in Perth if we were to, say buy a property at 149 Hudson parade NSW.
    This home is divine. My fave.

  10. oh you've made me want to emigrate! I wouldn't miss the UK winter weather that's for sure!

  11. Love all of these Kerri! Anywhere you can open up all the doors is my idea of a perfect house :) Love the first 2 especially xx

  12. Morning Kerri....i needed this post this morning!
    It's 6 degrees here today and my boiler in this big old country house has been on the blink since saturday {ie: no heating and no hot water!}...
    I grew up in Avalon....& this little moment of home is just enough to warm me up till the boys here fix it today!
    That house on Claireville is an absolute favourite....wonder if i could buy it from here- would the hubster at work notice?? Then you would have somewhere you loved to visit in Sydney!!
    thanks for the GORGEOUS images hon!!
    melissa xox

  13. Stunning - makes me want to move "down under" straight away!

  14. Beautiful Homes! The designs would work perfectly in Brisbane. Mimi xx

  15. Oh wow... these houses are incredible! My husband and I have a long-held dream of living up on Pittwater - the Clareville home would do us nicely! x

  16. I think I'd snap up 35 Careel Head Road myself. But where I ask you is all that sunshine and warmth today??? This spring has been totally schizophrenic. Hope summer isn't far off.

  17. oh my - you certainly have stunning taste my friend - but we knew that already. what gorgeous homes!

    thanks so much for your kinds words this week, really appreciate it darl. have a brilliant weekend xxxx

  18. Wow! This house was very amazing and looks like a precious jewel. I really love it. The pool was so inviting and captivating. How I wish to have this kind of property someday. Big thanks and keep posting.




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