Thursday, October 28, 2010

Can I do it? My biggest challenge yet!

So, my dilemma is this - can I take a tired, outdated relic, albeit with good bones and great location, and inject at least a few of my favourite style elements? Or is it just too hard? I think I can, but you know, those doubting Thomases' are sometimes hard to ignore. 

Ok, here's a bit of background info. I live in a dark brick, 70's/80's style home, but what I really want is this:

And I have to say, it doesn't help when I'm surrounded by super-stylish examples of my blog friends' gorgeous homes, that, of course, are in exactly the style I love:

Beach-chic perfection - handiwork of the gorgeous Judy of Verandah House

of course, many of you will already be familiar with the lovely A-M's home - need I say more?

...and oh my, Sharnel's home is as gorgeous as she is!

I've had so many people tell me to knock it down and start again, but in this financial climate it seems so wasteful and irresponsible to demolish a perfectly good home in the pursuit of the right 'look'. Now don't get me wrong, many of the above examples are far beyond what I have in mind for my home, but you get the idea. My brilliant solution (to my mind anyway) of covering our ugly brick with weatherboard is met with howls of protest and scorn from every male I've been foolish enough to mention it to. Is it really that silly an idea? I can't see the problem, and I don't believe that rendering is the only remedy. I think a combination of render and weatherboard could look great, but as it's a little out of the box, I'm finding it hard to garner much support.

So it's over to you, my stylin' friends - what do you think? Could it work? Do you have any other ideas for me - if so, I'm all ears. And I'm going to print out all your fabulous ideas and brandish them as proof, whenever I'm met with resistance. 

You know, I'm almost tempted to give it a go myself on my art studio........I'm sure my husband has another work trip organised in just a few weeks......!!

Have a great day everyone,


  1. Kerry I think you should post a pic of the outside of your house and let us all have a go at making some suggestions. It seems to me that you need to have french doors painted in white and darker weatherboards. I can totally understand that need. Go for it!

  2. i think it would be great.. and maybe add some verandahs..

  3. Anything is "doable" Kerri, but then I don't know what your house looks like. I've never heard of anyone trying to weatherboard over external brick though. It used to be the other way around on old Queenslanders - brick over weatherboard. And what a pain in the arse that was for future owners!!

  4. I think it sounds like a very interesting and do-able idea! I know what you mean about all the amazing houses out there in blogland. I try not to think about them when I notice more bits dropping off the exterior of our house. when I'm in our hideous shower :)
    How about a before pic to give us more of an idea?

  5. I say go for it!!! If finances allow, why not!! Or maybe try it on your studio just to get a feel of it. I know my hubby has to see things before he agrees. Sometimes, well most of the time, my visions are not shared by him. I thought when you got married it was one soul, one mind??? ;)

  6. Kerri, I think you need to tell yourself the story Little Red Hen, over and over...

  7. Do it Kerri, Do it!!!!!! Yes, yes yes!!!!!
    For any doubters out there just give them the before and after pics of your kitchen makeover and they will see your genius and creative magic!
    I think it's a fantastic idea it will be a very cheap way to completely change the look of your house and add lots of character. It will totally change the look and feel and add huge value to your home without having to knock it down. You go girl, when is hubby away next? I want to see it!!!

  8. You have my 100% support to weather board. If that's what you really love in your heart I say do it! I have a '50's cottage with that look, but an awful extension with brick, so I want to do the same. I'd love to see some images of this having been done, so if you find any success stories, please share. :)

  9. Our home is dark as well. I like all your examples. Some of the homes I see on other blogs has me not taking any photos of mine.

  10. First I need to see all outside views of your house. Could you post some pictures...maybe again if you have already. I say it is amazing what can be done with a little insight from an architect. It's all vision!
    AK xo

  11. Kerri yes you can and start with the Art Studio!

    Art by Karena

  12. Kerri, I hear you as we live in the typical 2 storey 70s brick and I dream about those sort of houses. If you find a project home company that builds those sort of houses let me know!

  13. Hi Kerri, I say go for it. Render and weather board looks fabulous. I have seen this done on a display house before. If I can find a picture and the link I'll forward it... go with your heart..just look at that kitchen... it's always the males that seem to have an issue...maybe they are not as visual us the females (sorry boys) :0... Kym X

  14. Hi Kerri, love your blog I found you through The House that A-M Built (if you read this A-M, sorry I've followed (stalked!) your blog for quite a while and love it too.

    Just wanted to say I feel your pain too Kerri for I live in a 1960's (soon to be no longer blonde) brick house. To add insult to injury our bricks were fully raked out but what we are doing (make that what my husband is doing) is panstakingly repointing all the brick work so it is almost flush - I don't like the idea of simply rendering older houses - they end up with no character because lets face it houses built between the early sixties to late 80's seriously lack architectural detail! After repointing the brickwork we have painted the house and I must say the difference it has made is huge. Fortunately we have timber windows which we have painted white and the bricks are painted a beigey, mushroomy kinda colour. I would love to put another storey on the house and if we did we would weatherboard it - so don't think your idea of weatherboard and brick is a bad one! If you are lucky enough to have smooth unraked bricks you could just paint the house and you end up being able to see the brick pattern underneath and it has so much more character than rendering or bagging the bricks. Good luck - can't wait to see what you do! xK (

  15. You can't beat a nice bit of weatherboard to beach up a house! Our house is clad in boards and I'm so glad it is not just another brick rendered house like so many new homes are today, they all start to look the same-especially when they are all built by the same builder in the same estate. Go the boards!

  16. Without knowing what your home looks like- I would say anything is possible it just takes money:(. So the more changes you wish to make the more money involved. I love the idea of combining rendering and weatherboards. How will your windows look with the new look? Are they silver or brown aluminium windows?
    I think trying it on the studio as a test sample is a brilliant idea.

  17. Oh Kerri, I love your inspiration photo's. A lot of the new homes being built now are a combination of both render & cladding & they look amazing. I tried to convince my husband to build a home with brick on the bottom floor & cladding on the top but he thinks that just looks like a poor mans finish...nothing but render for him. Bummer!!!
    There is a company caled formplex that supplies upvc weather boards that never need painting& they look great, perhaps low maintenance would help to convince him.
    Good Luck!

  18. Kerri, I am sure you could do an amazing job of renovating and making your home into your dream dwelling. You are so creative and so gifted!

  19. Give it a go I say, prove them all wrong and if it works for you then I'll have ago too!

    Keren :o)

  20. A friend of mine covered her government brick home (not government housing, i mean public service housing they threw up all around Canberra 30 years ago) with shingles & it looks gorgeous. She wanted blue shingles, she got them!! Hang in there, love Posie

  21. Well Kerry I feel your pain...we also have a circa 1983 dark brick house (remember those photos I emailled you of our lounge? That brick is outside but it is a couple 100 mtrs from the beach so the location is to die for...but...with 3 kids, a mortgate, major reno's are out of the question right now!
    So in the mean time I oooh and aahhhh over pretty pictures on the internet and try to lighten things up as I can. You've done an awesome job on the inside, I am sure you'll find the right thing to do on the exterior as well!

  22. Thanks everyone for the advice. There's definitely a 'will' here, so I'll make sure I find a 'way'! xx

  23. Hi Kerri,
    I just googled covering brick with weatherboard and your blog came up. Ill have a look through more posts but I'm wondering if you did and how it looks? I've got an ugly orange rough brick home that is basically a rectangle and I'm worried render would make it look like a big ugly concrete box.
    Cheers, Alison



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