Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend warriors

Morning all, how the heck are you?

I've just sat down with a coffee, after the usual morning mayhem that happens every weekday around here. My two youngest are in their final years of high school, and my eldest is at Uni, so mornings are usually a frenzy of lunches, uniforms, and rush, rush, rushing. To make matters worse, my guys have a fairly long bus trip to school, so we have early starts and late afternoons. For me, the end of the holidays is always a wrench. I love how things are so relaxed and laid-back, and I'm always sad when they come to a close.

As soon as I started my blog reading this morning, I saw the lovely Kerry's post, and it really struck a chord. She writes of her guilt over a lazy weekend, and I know she's definitely not alone there. It seems we're all so busy being busy, it's hard to stop and just 'be'. Crazy, yes, but so, so common.

So, it got me thinking - since when did  indulging in a little restorative down-time become taboo? I'm not sure, but one thing I do know - today, I'm going to celebrate a little bit of R&R, completely guilt-free.  Enjoy.

my pool, where I spent lots of guilt-free time this weekend


  1. Have a beautifully relaxing day kerri, and a wonderfully inspiring week xx

  2. I hear ya Kerri! I have just started letting my son drive to school on his "L" plates. When I got back home this morning I really felt I needed something a little stronger than a cup of tea. Problem is I'm a non-drinker. I'll just spend the morning massaging the knots out of my neck/shoulders.

  3. Twas definitely hard to come to work after my weekend of sloth...but you're right my friend...busyness needs to get a kick in the butt every now and again. Might try it again next weekend, but probably won't stay in my pj's for quite so long! Have a terrific day and give those kidlets my commiserations when they get home from their hard day's slog :)

  4. Gosh your pool looks inviting :)
    Yes, I admit to a little of the guilts when I have my vegetative moments. I tend to think I need to do a few things at once. When I watch tv I need to also be sewing, making chain for jewllery or blogging - I can't just sit for some reason.
    Oh well, have a relaxing day!

  5. It was a hot weekend and I am sure most people didn't have the energy to do much else... We went to the beach but it was still closed due to the recent floods. It was still nice to walk along the sand and watch all the little sand crabs busy making those tiny sand balls everywhere. ;-)

  6. Good for you, Kerri. I read Kerry's post, too, and it struck a nerve.

    As much as I know guilt is a wasted emotion, I often forget. Then again, so often life with the pixies reminds me 'It's a time to be, not a time to do'. That message can get lost in the hecticness of modern life, I think. Well on Planet Baby, anyway! J x

  7. You are right why do we woman especially feel guilty if we take some time out?!! I have finally grown to realize the only one I need permission from is ME!! So I give myself permission whenever I feel like. It is well deserved after so many years of Have-to-do days!! So glad you had a good Re-grouping weekend,Kathysue

  8. I agee, we need to take time out for R&R guilt free.
    We are heading down to Mantra at Kings Cliff in a couple of week for
    my 40th, No stressful party, just rest and lots of cocktails.
    Mekaela :-)



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