Monday, May 28, 2012

All that glitters... often gold, but sometimes silver too. I've just had some of my pieces framed, and thought I'd share a few pics of the finished works. My fabulous framer has done an amazing job, so here's a look at what's new:

'Pink Orchids in Vintage Blue'
original watercolour on paper

...and here's a print in silver:

This is now hanging in Mum and Dad's newly-renovated bathroom - I'll share all the pics soon

These pieces are commissions for a lovely client in Rockhampton. Teacups and Louis chairs.....

original watercolour on paper

original watercolour on paper

And look at this gorgeous orchid! My eldest daughter works part-time in a florist, so we're never short of beautiful blooms. This orchid is a stunner, and I think it would make a great subject for my next painting....

Pretty, no?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Black is the new black

I love colour. I work with it every day, and choosing a favourite is like asking me to choose a favourite child. But equally, I'm drawn to the simplicity and calm of a simple black and white scheme. It's the perfect neutral backdrop to whatever colour takes your fancy, yet it can stand on its own. This place is one from the archives, but remains a firm favourite of mine.

 Don't you love the gate in the hedge? Hints at a secret garden beyond...

Straight to the new house folder with this one - how gorgeous is it? 

If only my studio looked this good....and this tidy

 Black framed shower screen?

Are you fans of black and white too, or is it bright colour all the way? I think I have a split decorating personality to be honest...

I have a big day ahead, with a year 12 formal on tonight. The preparation began weeks ago, and after a major hiccup in the outfit department (all sorted now, thank goodness), I've hit the ground running. Such an exciting part of the final year of school, but honestly, it's almost as big as a wedding nowdays. Wish me luck!

all images courtesy Schappacherwhite Architects

Thursday, May 3, 2012

You mean it's been two weeks.......?

...since I posted last? Good grief. The best laid plans don't always come to fruition, do they? Time has slipped away from me yet again, but there's been a lot happening. Mum and Dad's bathroom is almost done - just the shower screen and plantation shutters to go. Once it's all ready I'll do a full post...promise! In the meantime, the lovely folks at Real Living Magazine were kind enough to feature my abstracts in their May issue, out now. You might recognise a few, but there are also a couple of new prints - take a look:

New print 'Resist'
in Turquoise as shown, and also Fuchsia

From left to right - 'All that Glitters', the new print 'Plume', and 'Equinox Rising'


and one more for good measure....

There's many more new paintings in the works, and I'll share them as soon as I can. 

See you soon (seriously, would I lie to you?)


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