Thursday, May 3, 2012

You mean it's been two weeks.......?

...since I posted last? Good grief. The best laid plans don't always come to fruition, do they? Time has slipped away from me yet again, but there's been a lot happening. Mum and Dad's bathroom is almost done - just the shower screen and plantation shutters to go. Once it's all ready I'll do a full post...promise! In the meantime, the lovely folks at Real Living Magazine were kind enough to feature my abstracts in their May issue, out now. You might recognise a few, but there are also a couple of new prints - take a look:

New print 'Resist'
in Turquoise as shown, and also Fuchsia

From left to right - 'All that Glitters', the new print 'Plume', and 'Equinox Rising'


and one more for good measure....

There's many more new paintings in the works, and I'll share them as soon as I can. 

See you soon (seriously, would I lie to you?)


  1. your a star kezza! really but get me some of your art before you are world famous (although you kind of already are) !

  2. Love these prints! Look great when hung!
    Need to order some soon!

  3. Hi Kerri, these are so pretty, your work is appearing everywhere! I'm doing a giveaway at the moment and your lovely sea coral is one of the prizes. I would like to do another one some time too, featuring your amazing work.

    Sar x



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