Monday, February 28, 2011

Home Beautiful? Sure is.

Over the weekend I spent a bit of time tying to organize my computer files into some sort of order - although it seems I'm fighting a losing battle. Anyhoo, I came across some familiar photos in my travels, and thought you might recognize this one too:

Gorgeous pool with Parterre daybed

Look familiar? Well, that's because it starred on the cover of the January issue of Home Beautiful magazine. 

Although now sold, this was the Avalon home of an art director/stylist, and it shows. It has that typical laid-back, relaxed Northern Beaches vibe (perfection in my book) and promises the perfect beach lifestyle.

all images courtesy

Rather nice don't you think? My only suggestion would be to add a few paintings here and there (yes, that was a blatant plug, I know!)

It's going to be another scorcher here in Brissie today, so I'm planning little more than some painting, swimming, and Oscar red carpet watching. How 'bout you?


  1. I used to live down the road from this house, it is very "Avalon", makes me homesick

  2. Oh Kerri, this post is SO bookmarked!

    Captain V, the Gifts and I could move in straight away.
    Perhaps if I could find a patch of dirt in Noosa we could just lift it up and plop it in place, that or a nice big Lotto win!

    I'd be calling upon my designer/artist to the stars [that'd be you] to do some spectacular work with a coastal you think you could manage that?

    I'm off to take a walk by the river now and will stop by the newsagents for a little Lotto ticket on the way home!

    xx Felicity

  3. I'd be quite happy living there, as long as there weren't any snakes lurking about! Enjoy your sounds a lot better than mine :)

  4. I could definitely live in such wonderful houses like these! They all look gorgeous!

  5. A blatant plug it may have been but I don't like blank walls either so I totally agree with your suggestion. x

  6. Gorgeous pics and a few things stand out for me in this house. The kitchen with no cabinets is very appealing, my favorite Osborne & Little wallpaper is on the wall in the living room and I really like the glass surrounding the pool...that is something I have never seen here in the States...usually just a fence is done and much farther away. I would LIVE in this house any day!! :0

  7. I wish i could jump in that pool right now! x

  8. That pool area is what I need, preferably today! Amber

  9. Oooh, what a gorgeous home! And it just so happens that I'm planning a blog post about kitchens without upper cabinets, so this one is going right into my inspiration folder :-)

    I agree, some more art on the walls would be great, as well as a few pops of colour.

  10. overly OBSESSED with this home!! It is so fantastic! Thanks for sharing

  11. That is beautiful! I love the casual feel to it and the colors are perfect! Oh and that pool! Yes please!!!

  12. Hello, I just stumbled onto your blog from the states and I'M IN LOVE!! I'm a San Diego surfer, and your style speaks to me. (: It also helps that it's my DREAM to live in Australia. Jealous!



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