Wednesday, February 2, 2011

High Gloss is here!

I don't know about you, but I'm loving all the new online mags that are popping up here, there and everywhere. As a hard-core magazine junkie, I can't get enough, and the newest kid on the block is High Gloss. If I happen to go awol for a while, you'll know where to find me - I'll be devouring every morsel. Here's a taste:

 all images courtesy High Gloss magazine

With all the food analogies in this post, thanks for all your thoughts and emails yesterday. Your encouragement (and stories very similar to mine!) helped no end. You'll be pleased to know I was a very brave girl and took myself off to visit my friendly dentist, who thankfully was not sporting a novelty mask. It seems I've done quite a number on that tooth of mine (probably because I've avoided said friendly dentist for well over a year now) and I'll need to go back again on Saturday. So kids, don't do what I do - visit your dentist regularly and don't be a big girls' blouse about it. Of course, when this tooth is as good as new, I can't guarantee I'll take my own advice :)

Enjoy your day everyone, and keep your fingers crossed for our friends in North Queensland. Our thoughts are with you.


  1. You had me at that first photo! I'm off to check it out...

  2. That top photo... just add people for an instant party :-) Glad you're better.

  3. Oh YUK. I too hate with a capital aaaaaaaH the dentist. I found a good one that gives me happy gas - and that's just for a clean. I also have a 'no needle - use laser instead' dentist, so even with a filling, there is NO pain. If anything major ever needs to be done - I will be asking for general anesthetic (sp?) in hopsital.

    I feel your pain/fear (-:

  4. Glad you and your tooth coped with the dentist. That mask really freaked me out. I shuddered everytime I saw it on the blog roll. Dentists don't worry me. It's the clowns ahhhhhh.

  5. I haven't checked it out yet but boy, that first image is beautiful. I just wish my computer screen was bigger!
    Glad to hear the dentist wasn't too scary. I think I've got an appointment in 4 weeks. What scares me more is what they charge! I son't suppose they'd let me layby a tooth or a filling?

  6. oooh, looks interesting darl, going to check it out.

    hope saturday is pain free and/or filled with lots of drugs!!!

    glad to hear you're not in the storm xx

  7. That wall mirror is stunning! Loving the touches of pinks too! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx



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