Friday, February 25, 2011

Hot off the press!

Word to the wise - get yourself off to the newsagent quick sticks, and pick up the latest issue of Australian Women's Weekly magazine. Why? Because the absolutely stunning home of our very own Sharnel Dollar is featured in all it's glory, and I tell you, it's TO.DIE.FOR! Race on over to Sharnel's blog, My Life-My Loves, for the low-down, but here are just a few pics to whet your appetite....

 seriously stunning Sharnel!

gorgeous outdoor area, featuring Verandah House furniture too - love it!

Gorgeous, no? So what are you waiting for - pop on over here and check out the full story!

all images courtesy Simon Kenny for content agency, story by Catherine Shields


  1. Beautiful home..and thanks for introducing me to an new blog..will swing by now x

  2. Kerri I saw this yesterday and yes, yes, yes, stunning is right. I am in love with all the cobalt blue and white!! KS

  3. So excited , thats the very kitchen bench I learnt how to decoarate cupcakes with Sharnel. Her house is stunning , homey & inviting !
    Thanks for letting us know about the weekly.
    Karyn x

  4. Oh bother. I was just at Kmart (yes, I know, Kmart!!) and was standing in line waiting to be served and was looking at the WW and thinking 'should I buy yet another mag' - so I didn't. Grrr. Oh well. Will just have to check online.

    Also, your photoshop skills are great. I think you are well and truly past novice status.

    BUT .. YOUR ARTWORKS look SOOOOOO much better than what was originally there. Such a fantastic way to show us all your super duper artwork (-:

  5. wow , looks amazing...i have to get a mum subscribes but it takes forever till i get her hand me down lol ! What a beautiful home, thanks for the heads up. Mel xx

  6. I reckon Sharnel's house deserves global exposure - it's just so fabbo!
    Millie x

  7. That is gorgeous, I love the blue. Going to look at the 'more'. Emma.



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