Monday, November 15, 2010

A big thank you to Anne from Annechovie

I'd like to send a big thank you to the lovely Anne, from one of my favourite blogs, Annechovie. Anne was kind enough to include me in her 'Artist's Portrait' series last week, and she is not only a wonderful artist, but is also a real sweetheart. Anne is an extremely talented artist, and I'm a huge fan of her work - which was featured in none other than the latest Nancy Meyers film, 'It's Complicated':

available here

yep, there's Anne's chair in the infamous bathroom scene!

and how gorgeous is her new holiday card?

Thank you Anne for the feature, and for those of you who haven't already paid Anne's blog a visit, run don't walk! (phrase completely stolen from Jenny btw). Oh, and please say hello from me :)


  1. Oh Kerri, I think you mean run don't walk perhaps? Such a mum! I am off to check it out. ;-)

  2. congrats darl - that's sensational!! i love anne's blog + work. and i agree she is a sweetheart too.

    going to go check it out!

    hope you had a brilliant weekend xxx

  3. I love her blog too! I've been watching It's Complicated this weekend, how cool to have your art in a movie!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Anne is such a dear! She has been a wonderful blog mentor to me....and artist friend!

  5. I read Anne's blog - how wonderful for you to be featured. Congratulations :)



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