Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mini home office

We have a small home office nook just off our main living area. At the moment, we have an ugly 'armoire' that houses the modem, printer, and other office paraphenalia. Now that we only have laptop computers, we don't need to worry about storing a tower and monitor, so I'm thinking of ditching the armoire for a nice desk/shelving/display arrangement, where I can inject a little more interest and personality. I also have a gorgeous old captain's chair, with a cast-iron base, which I've been wanting to use for years but haven't had the spot. So, I went looking for some online inspiration, and this is what I found:

love the wall decoration - somehow I think the desk is a little small!

 vintage storage via

a little too cluttered for me, but I like the desk and chair

my all-time favourite - and I know much of blogland agrees!

clever storage

oh, and this is similar to my chair - mine is stashed away in the back of the shed

remember this? I think I'll hang this in the corner over the desk

So, my plan is to incorporate some modern elements, vintage furniture, a picture wall, and some clever (and good-looking) storage into the design. Oh, and as it's technically part of the living area, it needs to be attractive enough to have on show. Let the fun begin!


  1. Kerri this will be fun to follow along with you during the process. You have some great inspiration photos and Love the desk chair, You have a great start, Kathysue

  2. Goodness, I love them all!
    I'm currently housed in a
    closet, so am drooling at the
    thought of a big desk. I
    especially like the third
    photo of the vintage office : )
    Looking forward to seeing
    how your office turns out!
    xx Suzanne

  3. Your plans sound wonderful. The inspiration images are great. There are some really wonderful ideas in the pictures you chose and it makes me wish I had a slightly bigger area for my desk, including a wall for an arrangement like the first image! xx

  4. Oh...I love that second photo. I would love to work there. That chair is much character.

  5. So fun to create a new area! I love pic 6. A very serious desk for serious blogging!:)

  6. Love all your inspiration photo's!!! You will pull it off and make it fabulous!

  7. How I wish I had a shed with such lovely furniture stashed away at the back! Can't wait to see the transformation. :)Sharyne

  8. Ilove your ideas! And your inspiration pics are great, my fav is the louis chair, blue wall and strip roman blinds on the little window pic but I love them all. Your chair looks amazing. Can't wait to see how it all comes together!!!

  9. Hi Kerri, love all of those images! But to pick a favourite, I am going with the white bureau and the black chair. I think that would look very attractive in any living area with some lovely storage boxes etc.. That chair is great too! Can't wait to see how yours pans out...

  10. Looks like you will have a great space before you know it.


  11. Oh, how i wish I had a little nook off my kitchen for an office. Can't wait to see how it turns out!!

  12. Kerri plenty of inspiration there. Look forward to seeing what you come up with

  13. I love the desk in the third shot! It is almost exactly what I am on the hunt for my home office. And the forth shot is one I have in my style files also- I love the vintage pigeon holes (though dread the thought of all my files on display!). Good Luck- happy hunting! Cam x

  14. Excitement ahead Ms Kerri with an 'i'! That first photo is the inspiration I have for the second half of my black and white bedroom overhaul (the ugly part that no-one's seen yet!) I really love the 6th image too...I can see your captain's chair in amongst that lot! I'm sure with your style you'll come up with something amazingly good. And that light in the corner...oh yes!

  15. Such gorgeous inspiration pics Kerri! I love the decorated wall in the first pic, but yep, I know from experience that little desk would be too teeny :( I can't wait to see what you come up with, I have no doubt it will be gorgeous~ Tina xx

  16. Great inspiration pics - I love the turquoise wall and the chair artwork as well. Lots and lots to get inspired by!

  17. I totally agree with your all time favorite. That space is stunning!

  18. so glad you stopped by! This is my kind of blog:D...and some pretty dreamy office spaces here!!
    :) Anna

  19. Oh I just love the set up in the first pic. The black and white is so luxurious and and chandelier gives it just the right touch. Nice post!

  20. I love these looks you've pulled together Kerri - will be fabulous. Looking forward to seeing you work your magic!! jxo

  21. Kerri, my palms are itching to give you a hand! There is something really lovely about creating the perfect little office nook, complete with all the things that inspire you and devoid of all the things that shout BORING office work!

    Can't wait to see pics once finished x

  22. So many beautiful options! However do you choose?
    This will be an exciting project to follow! There is something special about a space that is both functional and beautiful.
    x Briohny.

  23. Great ideas, Kerri, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    PS. That ceiling... wow!

  24. It is the perfect arrangement that you have done and shared over here but if you have taken pictures from different different angle and of various style then people can see its true beauty and it will look more nice.
    Office chair

  25. These are all gorgeous inspiration pics - I'm usually all for light and bright but I absolutely LOVE that second image - gorgeous! I also love your light fitting - I remember admiring it when you shared it a little while back...

  26. I have been checking out a few of your article stories and I must say pretty clever stuff. I will definitely bookmark your blog. Thank you very much.



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