Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My big plan...the kitchen makeover (at last!)

And about time too I hear you say! Now of course, this 'little' makeover took much longer than first thought, but I'm so happy with the result it really doesn't matter. The whole room is much lighter and brighter, and so much nicer to work in. I still get a little thrill when I walk into the room, and yes, I can still, on occasion, be found just sitting and admiring my handiwork!

So this post didn't become too long and cumbersome, I'll show you all the pretty pictures today, and tomorrow I'll go into the DIY nitty-gritty for anyone who's interested. So without any further ado.....

 it now looks like this..

instead of this!

mmm, nice!

beadboard now covers those oh-so-chic bricks

So, a bit of an improvement don't you think? My only regret is that I lived with the horrible 'before' version for so long. But be warned, this is just the start of a renovation blitz! I have big plans people. Very big plans. So stick around and come along for the ride - it should be fun!

I'm also sharing this makeover at Design Refuge's Before and After challenge, so check out all the great DIY projects on show
all images good, bad or otherwise by me


  1. What a most stunning and incredible make-over Kerri!!! I don't blame you for sitting and admiring your handiwork, I would do the same!
    Can't wait to see what else you have in store....

  2. That looks great. It looks brighter and fresher.

  3. IT LOOKS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well done Kerri, you are a DIY-legend!

    I'd say you've probably just increased the value of your house by at least 20k too! Amazing! And I never would have thought to do the beadboarding on the island part, it looks incredible. You must be over the moon! I can't wait to see what else you have planned :) High five to ya sister!

  4. Hi Kerri,
    your kitchen looks fantastic! Isnt it amazing the difference a coast of white paint can make (or a few coats!) And the beadboard is a genius way to cover the bricks!. I expect you will enjoy it for many more years to come!
    Thankyou sooo much for visiting my blog And for becoming a follower! It was a lovely surprise as I dont have many yet being as I have only started a few weeks ago, I appreciate your taking the time!
    Much love, lauraxx, my summerhouse,

  5. Kerri, firstly WOW!!! Secondly, GORGEOUS!!! What a transformation, you must be in kitchen Heaven! When you set your mind to something, you really go all out, because it looks amazing!!! I can't wait to see what other reno projects are up your sleeve!!! Enjoy that gorgeous kitchen you clever lady! ~ Tina xx

  6. Kerri Absolutely Beautiful.
    Sensational makeover
    Can't wait to see what's next on the DIY list

  7. Kerri that has just blown me away. What an amazing transformation. You have saved yourself so much money - what a great job you have done. My question is with the beadboard did you buy the ready made sheeting from Bunnings or just the individual panels and install them yourself? I am going to do the same thing to under my bench and was wondering what you used.
    thanks for sharing Sandy

  8. White of the wonders of life! Your kitchen looks beautiful Kerri, I especially love the dramatic before and after of the cabinets around the fridge. You must love walking in there now.. Can't wait to see what you do next! Rachaelxx

  9. I love it Kerri!!! It turned out so well! I am so glad that you shared your photos and I am looking forward to reading your 'How To' tomorrow. We will be tackling our kitchen later this year so I need all the help I can get! xx

  10. OMG it's spectacularly gorgeous. I love how the profile of the doors is now highlighted with the white... it is soooooo pretty. You must be stoked. What an inspiration you are. Well done. I am in awe! A-M xx

  11. Kerri, it looks incredible! Well done! You could be the poster girl for "The Difference a Coat of Paint Makes". Really, really, nice job. Abby xo

  12. Oh you are a DIY queen now! I love what you've done, so much, especially with the brick cover-uppering...that's fantastic. I can only imagine how much pleasure you get from being in the kitchen now. And I keep on asking, but you keep on ignoring me...when are you coming down to do mine!! :) It won't take's small..tiny really!! xx

  13. Just gorgeous Kerri!
    Love the bench brick coverup ... looks beautiful and goes so well with those dark floors....drool,drool :)
    Kindest Wishes

  14. i think my fave part is the beadboard bench- i cannot believe how lovely it is...& it completes the room.....its all sooo clever and gorgeous but that is just brilliant!! enjoy it....
    melissa x

  15. I'm sooo in love with this Kerri. It's just gorgeous. I don't blame you for admiring your handiwork...I certainly would be.

  16. the bead board was a great idea it looks great.

  17. What a clever lady you are, that is an amazing transformation....Thank goodness you have a blog to show it off cause you must be exploding with pride!!!! I cant wait to see whats next!!!

  18. Kerri, it's beautiful! I know you must be thrilled with the outcome! And I've already bought my ticket for the renovation ride you have planned, I know there will be more great projects to come! Enjoy your gorgeous new kitchen!

    Kat :)

  19. So beautiful, Kerri. I love your transformation. The white looks amazing! xx

  20. OMG this is fabulous, you did such a wonderful job! I know it always takes longer then you thought but just look at it, wonderful! Maybe one of these Fridays I could feature it?

  21. OMG, the kitchen looks amazing! WOW!

  22. It looks wonderful congratulations:) What a clever idea to hide the brickwork with the beadboard. Getting a plasterer out to plaster such a small area is a hassle and messy but that looks great:)

  23. Fantastic job Kerri, the white is lovely, the beadboard over the brick has made a hugh difference and the detail of the cupboard doors is now highlighted beautifully.

  24. That looks truly amazing! I love the beadboard around the island base - the best! I can't believe you did that yourself! Do you want to feature this on my blog at all? xo.

  25. Kerry, it looks fantastic. The beadboard really makes the whole kitchen come together. I don't blame you for just stopping and looking at it. The transformation is incredible. Well done you!

  26. SO perfect - well done.
    ENJOY it (and Bon Appetit!).

  27. What an AMAZING transformation Kerri!! I can't believe how different it all looks just from the new hits of white. The cupboard doors looks fantastic in their new white look with the new handles and I just LOVE the beadboard you used to hide the facebrick. Very clever. The whole kitchen looks amazing and I can see how you must love cooking away in their now. I think the benchtop and splashbacks look fine now with all the white. Great job!! x

  28. beautiful kitchen and beautiful decor, the kitchen has been done really wonderfully, the cabinets are just too good and no space has been left unused or used wrongly, very good job

  29. I never saw this post but I must say Im TOTALLY impressed. :))
    I should be doing a kitchen makeover sometime soon to all white..and was wondering if you could send me the DIY on how you got it done?? That would be super helpful.... :)))
    Let me know thank you!

  30. Thanks for reposting this. Missed it the first time around. What a huge difference this made in your kitchen -- it's beautiful! Your comment about regret with living with the old cabinets so long is just the kick in the pants I need to get going on this plan I've had for years to paint our cabinets. I've been wanting to paint our oak cabinets a much lighter color.



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