Thursday, May 6, 2010

My big plan...the epic part II

Hi all,

Forgive my terrible lack of posts over the past few days, but I've been just a tiny bit preoccupied with a little kitchen makeover project. You know the one I mean, don't you? The one I guessed would be whipped into shape in a few short days, as easy as you like and without me even breaking a sweat? Yep, that one!

So...without any further delay, here are the first pics of my new and improved kitchen.

Here's a reminder of what it looked like before:

and now...

Now, bear in mind there are still a few finishing touches needed - the skirting and trim needs to go on the new beadboard under the island bench, I'll install a new blind on the window, and of course I'll need to buy some snazzy new accessories, but I can't begin to tell you how different the house looks and feels - it's so much brighter, the room feels bigger, and it lightens the whole area like you would not believe. I will of course post pictures of the whole room, from every conceivable angle, once all the ugly mess is gone for good. And for those who are interested, I'll give you the complete DIY run-down of everything I did, and how it was done.

To say that I'm LOVING the room now is an understatement.The kids arrived home yesterday, to see me perched on my stepladder, cup of tea in hand, sighing wistfully to myself as I admired my handiwork. The kids accused me of thinking I was all that and more, to which I replied, 'actually, I think I'm awesome to the power of sick!!'

Thanks for waiting so patiently for my big reveal, and for all your gorgeous comments - you guys are amazing and your encouragement means the world to me. There is, of course, a downside to this makeover - everything else looks so shabby in comparison! Hmm, I can feel some more renovating coming on........

p.s. the beadboard is actually white, not blue as it appears.

all images by me


  1. Oh you complete and utter rockstar my friend!! That is beyond awesome..when can I come and have a cuppa with you in that beautiful good as new kitchen?? I am dumbstruck...speechless...which some might say is a good thing! I don't have enough superlatives and all I want to know now is when are you coming to do's much smaller...won't take you long at all :)xx

  2. WOOT WOOOOOO ! That kitchen is sexy as ; )
    Ive been trying to convince my sister inlaw to do exactly the same....give her old tired looking mission brown kitchen a fresh coat of white paint...perhaps after I show her your before and after may just give her the nudge to go ahead and do it.
    Awesome makeover Kerri...I can understand why you would be so excited...almost makes cooking a pleasure ; ) xo

  3. hahahahaha
    Kerri you ARE awesome to the power of sick!
    I freaking love it! Awesome work!
    sal x

  4. Wow Kerri, I am gobsmacked. It looks fantastic. So light, bright and airy. And the bricks, who would have thought of beadboard. It's perfect. Congratulations and yes please, lots more pictures and details.

  5. I'm going to have to remember "awesome to the power of sick" - and hope I can achieve it! this looks just so good, I wonder you haven't dragged your bed in here so you can just wake up and smile at it!

  6. Incredible! I think it took you very little time, considering the size of the task. It's so, so beautiful. No wonder you're thrilled. Rachaelxx

  7. Kerri, that is just stunning! What an incredible job! I love it!!!!


  8. Heya Kerri. Okay, this is totally AWESOME! I'm so inspired to finally get stuck into my ugly kitchen now. I so wish I had timber cabinets though so I could do this to them. Love the beadboard and black hardware. What's your backsplash made from?
    Beautiful job!

  9. awesome to the power of sick times a million. that is so totally amazing. i bet you had fun making tea in it the first night heh. very impressed Kerri. congrats on getting there. (-: Linda

  10. Honey -that kitchen is heaven!! how gooood do you feel- and rightly so!
    i would be getting out those jaime books and just moving in there for a looking forward to more before/after comparison shots as i am a bit of a new kid on the block here!
    melissa :)

    ps and your kids are secretly blown away -just so you hear somone say it! x

  11. Kerri what can I say ...thanks for stopping by my blog and your great comments. Will have to show hubby your before and after pics.I am in love with your kitchen..Can't wait to see the rest. It really is amazing. I will have to work on that hubby of mine. Would like to hear the details of paint type/colour and the how!etc Kym X

  12. Amazing, fabulous and SUCH a difference... every prospective house buyer put off by a nineties wood kitchen should see this! I think it's an incredible amount of work in a few days. Well done you. Ann x

  13. You must be so excited, there is nothing like a brand new sparkly kitchen to make your heart happy! Now you'll be finding all sorts of reasons to spend time in there! They do say the kitchen is the heart of the home! I love it :) Hazel

  14. Oh you clever, clever lady!! It looks GORGEOUS!! I love the beading on the island, that looks amazing! You should be standing back and admiring your gorgeous DIY - you rock!! Enjoy that gorgeous new kitchen!! ~ Tina xx

  15. Oh My Stars ! I am so impressed , it looks amazing , you are amazing. You must of now inspired so many people with this project. Im so excited....
    Karyn x

  16. Kerri what can I say you rock. The kitchen looks amazing and what a difference a coat of paint makes in every sense. I cannot wait to see more, great transformation - you beter put the kettle on I'm coming to Brisbane for a closer look. Sandy x

  17. That is one hell of a makeover!!! I love it!
    Has your husband seen it yet. I bet he'll love it too.
    Well done. Your hard word has sincerely paid off.

  18. You ARE awesome to the power of sick!!! hehehe.
    I showed hubby your last kitchen post then showed him your gorgeous reveal and we've both been blown away by your 'shock and awe campagne' of the best kitchen makeover EVER! I tell you who would love to feature it? the blog send it into them they'll love it!!!

  19. That is flipping amazing!!!! You must be totally stoked!!!

    Big round of applause Kerri, you deserve it. awesome before & after!! {make sure you send it to apartment therapy for their b&a section!!}

    well done you! jxx

  20. What an amazing difference the white makes! Looks fantastic Kerry, brilliant job :)

  21. What an improvement. It looks gorgeous - well done!

  22. Hi Kerry
    Looks fabulous I did the same to my very out dated but solid 70's kitchen My Husband first added some mouldings to the plain doors and crown mouldind to the top of the cupboards it was a fabulous change and I still love it.
    Kind Regards

  23. OMG, AMAZING redo! Love the bright, clean whites and blues! I would be living in there constantly, such a wonderful job! Thanks for the tip on the matte acrylic paint, thank you! XO!

  24. its amazing you should be very proud XX

  25. OMG. OMG. OMG. this is kitchen = kitchen bliss! what an amazing job you did. with a little bit of help from the good ole color white! works wonders, no?

    bravo my sweet!


  26. Well done you! The kitchen look truly fabulous - just shows what a girl with a tin of white paint can do! Leigh

  27. I obviously hadn't seen any of the before photos because I would have remembered that brick!!!! Oh my goodness, what a transformation you have done. Can you take it all in? Can you believe this is really your kitchen? You'll just have to gaze at it until it sinks in :-)

  28. oh wow! all worth the sweat, great job! verbena cottage

  29. You & I are kindred spirits Kerri, our one true mission in life is MISSION UN-BROWN! A huge high-five to you for a truly awesome job.
    Millie ^_^

  30. WOW.... it's fabulous.
    Way to go, you are 'all that and more'



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