Thursday, April 1, 2010

Flotsam and Jetsam

My heart skips a beat when I see a truly loved home. As far as I'm concerned, the best homes are the ones with soul and personality. Little bits and pieces gathered here and there, the flotsam and jetsam of a life well-lived, and quirky snippets and keepsakes are what elevates a home from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Perfect imperfection.

I don't quite know what to make of this, but I did tell you to expect the unexpected!



all images by Simon Kenny via content-agency

So, what's your favourite piece that makes your house uniquely you? I'd love to know what it is you cherish - maybe you've brought something back from a great holiday, or is it a family treasure handed down from a loved one? If you want to go one further and send me a photo, I'll do a follow-up post featuring your treasures in all their glory. Ooh, this could be fun!


  1. Beautiful pictures Kerri. I love the magpies and that outdoor area...stunning! I love your idea..I'll play..but what to choose! Enjoy your easter break lovely lady and travel safely. Hope you find an internet connection when you get there. xxx

  2. Couldn't agree with you more, what a gorgeous post. I'll have to think about the most treasured...thinking....Rachaelxx PS Hope your daughter enjoys the site xx

  3. omg. the bird art. i love them!!!!!

  4. Gorgeous post as always Kerri. These pictures are so lovely! My favourite 'housey' possession would be our dining table that my hubby made out of an old vintage school desk that we found in our shed when we moved into our home. It fits our kitchen perfectly and that is where I love to sit and enjoy great food (or a cuppa) and conversation with my family and friends. I think that the table reflects the warm and inviting feeling we want people to feel when they visit our home. Sorry for the novel;) Wishing you a wonderful Easter lovely Kerri ~ Tina xx

  5. Great post...couldn't agree with you more! Love all the images you posted. My favourite pieces around my home are things that I have picked up second hand in antique stores etc...they make a home feel loved! Thanks for your lovely comment! Tracey xx

  6. Hello Kerri
    I totally agree! I love houses full of things with a history, they reflect the owners personality. My favorite things in my home are the pieces my great-grandmother handed down to my mother (and then to me).The bedside tables and the chest of drawers with a very old,cracked mirror.. But I doubt they'll be worthy of being featured in your gorgeoous blog :))
    Enjoy Easter weekend!
    xo, Flaviana

  7. Hi Kerri, I have the same 'philosophy' as you - I'd like to make our place homely and have pieces that reflect us, what we like and our travels. Whenever we go away on holidays, we try to look for something to bring home with us - my favourite pieces in our house are the various pieces of artwork we have collected from different places we have visited. Have a wonderful Easter! x

  8. love your photos, i love the garden patio...anything with plants and bringing the outdoor in and vice versa....thanks for sharing!



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