Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chicky Babe

Morning all,

Hope you've all had a wonderful Easter break, full of chocolate and all things yummy. Now, the topic of eggs has reminded me that you haven't yet met my menagerie. We have a small farmlet of sorts. Make that all-sorts, as we seem to accumulate homeless animals. Meet some of my girls...

...ok, so that may be Bunny Williams' hen house and not mine, but hey, I can dream can't I?

 ..and boys. This is our boy Barney

 ...and Spicy

..and Hot (goes with Spicy, of course!) and Ava and Charlotte

... ok, so they aren't chickens, but we found them wandering down the street so home they came

..no, not mine either, but isn't it just too fabulous for words? 

...be still my heart - a Chinoiserie chook house!

You know, it's fascinating to watch the social heirarchy of chooks. We could all learn a lot from them. They have such distinct personalities. Our bossiest chook was 'KFC', although I truly believe she may be a product of her environment. My husband named her this, thinking himself completely hilarious. Of course, my son then named subsequent additions to our brood 'Hot' and 'Spicy', and he and his father promptly fell about the place, complete with much self-indulgent belly laughing. Our boy Barney is a blue-ribbon, bona-fide best in show winner at Brisbane's biggest agricultural show. And he has the attitude to match.

Now, there is a point to this rambling post. If you choose your chickens wisely, you can get yourself some instant Easter eggs. Truly. You see, KFC and Barney are Araucanas. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, but check out their eggs:

aren't they pretty...instant Easter Eggs!

Have a great week everyone,


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  1. Oh... I just love this post. I especially love that chook palace in the first picture. The whole post bought back many happy memories of our 3 silky bantams. Delores was my favourite, she thought she was a dog and ate from the same bowl as our dog.
    Those eggs are so pretty.

  2. Did you see the recent post at Willow Decor on these eggs? They are so pretty..Love your menagerie..Rachaelxx

  3. Kerri you tricked me both times with those chicken houses , my jaw dropped & I thought for a moment someone in Australia has some stylish chook houses ! Barney is a handsome lad , so proud of himself. Love your story , so funny !

  4. I too fell on the floor laughing KFC, Hot & Spicy there perfect!!..only males would ever think of naming chooks after food...LOVE it!& the photos too.
    Cate :)

  5. How lovely to have chickens at your place - must be so lovely to get those fresh eggs :) Those elaborate hen houses are so cute!!

  6. those eggs look like sugar eggs! so pretty indeed..
    I love this post and.. oh.. yes! your hubby was hilarious :)))
    xo Flaviana

  7. That was gorgeous. I loved reading about all your boys. But excuse me...why is it called duck egg blue when this colour egg comes from chooks?? Or are they green...my eyes are a bit dodgy! xx

  8. That hen house looks good enough for humans to live in!

  9. lovely playground for the 'chicks'...a designer's playground! maryann

  10. Wow! Instant Easter eggs! What a wonderful thing. I wish I had chickens. I grew up around them.

  11. Kerri, thanks for stopping by Blu oom, and leaving such a nice comment.

    I too covet that hen house, wow! Your friend, Spicy, what type of chicken is she? I saw those at the IPE fair last year, and I have forgotten what breed they are.


  12. Those are some great looking hen houses. Ah, well ... we can dream can't we? Love your rooster and hens and your ducks too. You hubby and son are too funny for words, but don't tell them I told you that. I don't think their egos need any more boosting. Oh and those eggs are gorgeous!!

    Susan and Bentley



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