Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Big plans.. has been busy. And really exciting, because I've been working on some big plans for this house of mine...

Now my hubby is on a course for work at the moment, and I have a crazy idea...I'm going to take on a seriously big makeover while he's away. Hopefully he's as excited about it as I am (fingers crossed!), but loving the way my home looks, and the way it makes me feel, is really important to me and I know he'll be happy with whatever I do.

So, I may be a little scarce over the next few days. But just wait till I show you what I've been up to. I really hope it looks like I imagine it will, but one thing's for sure, it won't ever look the same again!

There's no way I can bring myself to post without including some pretty pictures, so here's some of the beautiful rooms that have inspired this crazy idea of mine.

Holly over at Life in the Fun Lane's lovely bedroom

..and the before 

Chris at Just Beachy installed all of this panelling herself - is there nothing this girl can't do?

Now this post wouldn't be complete without Layla and Kevin's fantastic kitchen re-do, when this was the before...
and after...

and how about what Lauren from Pure Style Home did with this bedroom 

to turn it into this

See you all soon!


  1. such gorgeous inspiration photos. xo

  2. No wonder you were inspired with those before & afters , they are fantastic! Cant wait to see what you do. (obviously hubby dosent read your blog) I will be counting the days ! How many will it be ?
    Karyn x

  3. Good luck with your decorating, Kerri. You are a trooper, doing it yourself. I look forward to the great reveal ! XXXX

  4. Amei o antes e depois! Uma grande diferença! Trouxe mais leveza ao ambiente! Bjs

  5. Ooh I love a bit of surreptitious home improvement...but what a tease you are to leave us wondering!! Hope we can see it soon...please??

  6. I'm officially intrigued. Can't wait to see what you get up to!

  7. Nice trasnformations, Kerri!
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring us!

  8. That sounds very exciting. Can't wait to see the result of your efforts. My hubby would be delighted if I did all the redecorating while he was away - especially if he avoided painting vjs!
    Clare x

  9. I am so excitied! I am going to be stalking you.....

  10. I love these makeovers. I am so glad you found me because I found you. You might like this blog as well, they are renovating their home as well. I love your style and just added you to the ole blog rolladex on my blog. I loved seeing you and your boys at the beach, I will be there next month only it will be at the stinky Gulf of Mexico. I will be back soon. Heidi

  11. Can't wait to see your bedroom. The before and afters are fantastic..Rxx

  12. I know you're going to paint your cabinets b/c I saw your comment over on Layla's blog and laughed out loud! I had to come over and see what you were up to. I cannot wait to see how they look. You rock!

  13. What great makeover photos, some you can hardly recognise.
    Look forward to seeing what you do

  14. Great makeover photos!! so excited to see your transformation. p.s love love your blackboard DIY so pretty!!
    Olivia :)

  15. hmmm, i'm sensing ripping up of carpet (love it, the best fun EVER and remarkably quick too), pannelling and a light coat of paint maybe??

    hanging out for the photos - hope it works out brill, just the way you want!

  16. Oh how exciting Kerri, I hope you get lots done while hubby is away and I am sure he will love it! I can't wait to see the end result! xx

  17. Love, love ,love the pics...what a great your decorating while hubby is away. I think I will try that one too...You are giving me so many tips. Can't wait for the reveal.:) Kym X

  18. Please share your before photos!!! So we can put our minds to imagine what might be to come!
    And what really great inspirational photos you have. Good luck!! AK

  19. Good luck Kerri
    Please share the result with us.



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