Friday, April 23, 2010

Architectural brilliance

I distinctly remember reading an article some time ago, where a number of well-known interior designers were asked to name their favourite architects. Now, I can't remember many of their answers, but it did make me think about who I would be naming when the time came time for my magazine interview (!).  Now, I realise there are some very infuential and well-known names to choose from. But for me, there is one Aussie architect whose work stands head and shoulders above the rest, and always makes me weak at the knees.  

Walter Barda is the man responsible for some of the most beautiful homes on Sydney's northern beaches. His work has featured in numerous television programmes and commercials, as well as being offered as luxury holiday accomodation. What I love about his designs is that, although he has an unmistakeable style, each home is completely unique. His trademark use of beautifully detailed ceiling treatments is so distinctive, as is his obvious love of timber. As can be expected, a connection with the outdoors is paramount.

 many of his designs boast sandstone features

 Who wouldn't love working in this kitchen?

Barda often uses banks of bi-fold doors to create indoor-outdoor rooms

What a bedroom to wake up in each morning!

And as a side note, celebrity gardener Jamie Durie has been working with Barda for the past few years to design his new home. They also collaborated on the design of Hamilton Island's new yacht club villas. 

Barda has stated that he feels he's restoring a little of the northern beaches' history whenever he builds a new home, recapturing some of what's been lost from our beach suburbs.

"I often think: 'Oh that's great, we have put one back!' " he says. "Because overseas they celebrate and revere their little timber homes but we never did. There were a lot of timber structures that have been eradicated up and down the coast and sadly we end up with brick veneer suburbia."

I love his philosophy almost as much as I love his designs!

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  1. wow. he must be one talented dude. im not too familiar with him but i am loving these photos. good stuff there! :)

  2. I love his houses too, I am a fan of a stone feature, especially a fireplace. I love the light airy rooms and I love the use of bi-fold doors to create indoor/outdoor rooms. We have great weather here so we should enjoy it as much as we can! Have a great Friday. xx

  3. What a good choice Kerri. I love his philosophy as well and completely agree that we've massacred so much of our incredibly short urban history in this country...should I mention Joh!!! Ok, probably not :)The MGM has a weatherboard house and I love it's ramshackleness (I'm sure that's a word!) If I had that 2nd last living room I would never leave home!

  4. Wow I've just found my dream home!!!
    I'm glad he appreciates my little weatherboard house as most people don't like weatherboard.
    If I could turn my little cottage into one of his homes I would die and go to heaven. Thanks so much for sharing Kerri.

  5. What beautiful homes and their interiors. I'm afraid that, being English, I'm not familiar with his work....but, I am now !!!!
    I love the living room in the first picture and the bedroom in the last and the outside view of the house is beautiful.
    Oh, this is what I don't like about blogging. I want to change my whole house now !! XXXX

  6. I too share and love his philosophy! And the bed in the little alcove is just precious!

  7. What a beautiful home - I am drooling!

  8. Oh aren't his homes breathtaking. He is such an inspiration. I love his attitude about "putting one back"... I feel exactly the same about building in Brisbane... all our beautiful homes are being replaced by modern monstrosities. A-M xx

  9. What absolutely stunning houses. I'm going to be on the Northern Beaches this long weekend, I'm going to see if I can spot any of his homes during our stay.
    Have a happy weekend.

  10. These are great photos Kerri, the bedroom is my favourite, what fantastic light!

  11. Brilliant indeed! These are gorgeous! All the white and the light filled rooms...I need to get to a beach!

  12. I love Barda's work, Kerri. Thank you for the intro. Have a terrific weekend.

  13. Gorgeous homes. I love the ceilings!

  14. Just lovely! I especially love that last bedroom. Just fabulous!! Thanks for posting your pics.

    Susan and Bentley

  15. Stunning pictures! I could stay in the bedroom forever :)

  16. My goodness - that kitchen!! And the marble?!!!!

    love it. A LOT.


  17. Love that philosophy too. The house is just incredible, so thoughtfully done. Rxx

  18. Love the blog- great style i like the clean-look of the white and black and the openess of those photos, Thanks for stopping by my blog- i get so extcited when i see a new comment or follower..
    Great Blog

  19. I feel so silly but I've never heard of WB, but we sure do need him down here in Sth. Aust.! If I see another new house on the beach built from curvy galvanised sheeting I'll scream!
    Millie ^_^

  20. i haven't heard of him either. now I have so yipeee. love his work. love the bedroom with the cathedral ceiling (not sure I could handle all those bedpillows though) .. love the fireplaces, the open spaces, the white/white/white .. thanks for posting that@!



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