Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Australia Day

After all the recent dramas here in Queensland, it was nice to get away and appreciate just how amazing this country of ours really is. We loaded up the crew and headed north to Noosa, and spent a lazy day swimming, eating fresh prawns on the beach and generally enjoying a picture-perfect day Australia Day:

 the mr's first attempt at a panorama shot 

The beach, fresh prawns, a drink or two......can't think of a better way to celebrate all that's great about living in this fantastic country of ours. Hope you all had a great day too.


  1. Beautiful photo's. We've been to Noosa once. Loved it.

    Lisa x

  2. Hahahahaha .. Kerri, you are just like us.
    Everyone else sits in one spot - and we always sit about 20 metres (at least) away. The beach is far more enjoyable when it seems like you are the only ones around.

    Oh, and love the panoramic shot. Great shot (-:

  3. What a magnificent country. I confess I no nothing of Australia Day, but it looks as those yours was picture perfect. I can almost feel the warm, salty breeze in my face.

    Julia, across the ocean

  4. The ant's pants...that's what that is! Just gorgeous :)

  5. Nice pics Kerri! And I'm so jealous that you can head to Noosa in a day :( I wish!

  6. How gorgeous are those pics.....what a piece of paradise you were at for Australia Day. There's no better way to spend it xo

  7. Oh, I love it up there! A perfect getaway~

  8. Beautiful pictures! Hope to visit Australia one day, it's so gorgeous! XoXo

  9. Very nice Kerrie - especially the one looking at the water from the rocks. Looks very peaceful there...

  10. It looks like you had a fantastic day! Beautiful photographs of a gorgeous spot! X

  11. Kerri I love these photos. Your hubby took a great panoramic, I love it! Looks like you had an amazing time. Australia is awesome isn't i!! :) xx

  12. Noosa looks fantastic - have yet to explore this part of QLD. My little girl just loved Australia Day, for us that included an all you can eat buffet that included all the Aussie food fair from lamb to lamingtons, balloons, face painting, disco, crab racing and a glass or two out on a great sunny hot day! Glad you had a good one too - nice photos!

  13. Stunning pictures! Australia truly is gorgeous! Happy Australia Day! Kellie xx

  14. Hello! I read your beautiful Australia Day post on my phone the other day and just realised I didn't leave a comment..
    I love your pictures of beautiful Noosa. Such a wonderful place to be.
    Your post is full of happy energy and Summery warmth. Gorgeous!

    Happy Australia Day to you (belated).

    x Charlotta

  15. These pictures prove we have the most gorgeous country on earth.We were on holidays in Qld ,so we had a sunny Australia day too..xx

  16. oh kerri....i can feel the pleasure of the day through your photos....

    the warmth...the food....the location...we adore noosa....

    thanks dear sweet aussie friend for letting me live through you for our australia day fix....

    he did good with his first panarama!!!!

    melissa xx

    p.s- i loooove the last photo....straw hat swinging in the breeze with THAT view!! x

  17. Great shots Kerry!

    We spent our day drinking freezing cold bubbles, swimming in the pool, enjoying the sunshine with friends and family over a BBQ lunch. A great day.



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