Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Into the blue...and jogging my memory

It's no secret that I love me a bit of blue. Indigo, cobalt, azure, turquoise, aqua......love 'em all. So when I saw this month's issue of Veranda magazine, it was enough to whet my appetite.

I know I'm not alone here. I saw this pic on the lovely Judy's blog, Verandah House today:

...not only did I fall in love with all the gorgeous blues, it also reminded me of a commission I did some time ago. I thought I'd lost these photos when my old desktop computer died, but after some sleuthing I managed to find them. Thanks Judy!

'Into the Blue I'

'Into the Blue II and III'

Lends a whole new meaning to 'feeling blue', doesn't it?


  1. Certainly doesn't make you feel 'blue' does it? Gorgeous...

  2. Hi Kerri, glad to see you posting and on the very color I deemed my color choice for 2011, I plan on adding more of blue and white combo this year to my home so you and I are kindred spirits. I did a post that you might enjoy today and take a look back on a few days ago post if you would like another dose of blue!!! Happy Monday!! Kathysue

  3. The blues are gorgeous! I'm getting ready to redo a room and it will be blues and ocean pieces. Thank you for sharing your finds~

  4. Those paintings are amazing Kerri!

  5. What beautiful paintings Kerri...I can see a face in the first one :)

  6. Hi Kerry, We are all on the same page at the moment. Maybe we all need a touch of serenity and blue is the ideal colour for it.
    Thanks for the lovely comments on fb re Women's Weekly we ARE a bit chuffed. x
    Lily G

  7. Blue-dy beatiful! I love blue too so really love this post.

    Welcome back to blogland. Hope you are feeling a little better (-:

  8. I love "Into the Blue I, II and III. Beautiful blues! Mimi x

  9. HI Kerri,
    I love blue too, I just finishe a blue post on my blog,
    This is lovely and makes me want to go and buy a copy but my hubby has put me on a magazine diet :-(

  10. So gorgeous Kerry. Glad to have found your blog! :))

  11. What a glamorous house! Gorgeous shots! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  12. Yes, feeling blue can be wonderful. I love those paintings Kerri. One of these days, I'm so buying one of your pieces, if only I could stay away from garage sales etc.....

    Lisa x



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