Monday, January 10, 2011

Changes afoot

It's a new week and I'm back in work mode (well sort of, anyway). I have lots of renovation plans for the year, so yesterday I braved the rain and headed off to Ikea. One of my xmas presents was a gift card, so of course I couldn't wait to see what goodies were on offer. I had planned to take some pics while I was there, but you know how it is - once I arrived I completely forgot.

I was looking for a few things in particular - I need a new work desk and storage for my studio, an ergonomic chair, and desk for the soon-to-be-renovated home office....none of which I managed to get. I'm thinking that this arrangement would be perfect for my studio:

the vika artur combination from Ikea

And then I saw that Laura Trevey uses the same desk in her gorgeous studio:

Of course, it was out of stock, so I'll be heading back in the next couple of weeks. I also need something like this from Pottery Barn:

.....which I'm completely smitten with. I know I'd be so organized if I had this set-up - pity they don't ship to Australia. I'll be on the hunt for something similar.

Another thing on my list is some Lack shelving. These are so versatile, they come in different sizes and colours, and are perfect for display and storage of all the necessities:

Oh, and this too....

But the hardest thing to find - a decent chair that's not only comfortable, but easy on the eye. I hurt my back a few years ago, so finding the right chair is at the top of my list, but sooo difficult. There is a real gap in the market if there are any furniture designers reading this post!

That's just the beginning of what I have planned for this year, and I'll share all the pics as soon as I can. I do love starting the year off with a project - what's on your to-do list for 2011?


  1. It's going to look the bomb my friend! I don't know how it's possible to take photos at Ikea...too much gawking to be done to bother with any of that. Perhaps I can post you home some Pottery Barn stuff when I go to the U.S. in March??

  2. I agree Laura's office set up is terrific.
    She has been clever in her use of the pegboard and I'll be utilising this concept when I makeover the girls' rooms.

    Felicity x

  3. Love the desk! I have the saw horse legs that I can adjust but a different top, I hope you can get it soon.

  4. Hi Kerri: I LOVE IKEA too and just got my hot little hands on my Dad's new catalog - he let me have it!! Love all your picks and also, go to - Jen is doing a Pottery Barn giveaway for exactly what you have pictured!! Good luck! :))

  5. We have a rather dull list this year which includes replacing gutters and termite treatments. Not something you can say, hey come and look at my new gutters!!! Not very exciting for blogworld but I do hope to paint some furniture to share. ;-)

  6. Kerri, how exciting. I adore Laura's office and the ideas you are putting together!!

    I do have A New Great Giveaway from Blydesign!

    Art by Karena

  7. How disappointing that it was out of stock. Especially when you go there expecting to come home and get organised.
    Its time to start a Interior Decor Office Store ala Kikki K with ergo furniture.....We all want in.

  8. Oh Kerri! You've just found my ultimate studio stuff! I reaaaaaaally need that Alex draw unit too but just don't have the space in our little cottage for extra stuff :( I think I need to build a little summer house/studio then I can deck it out with all those bits and bobs! Jxx

  9. Hi Kerri, I've used the Ikea desk in a recent renovation and couldn't be happier with it. See it here:

  10. I love your ikea choices! All perfect for a studio. I'd love a dollar for every tome I have said, "I wish we had ikea in tassie"!

  11. I agree with you about the chair thing. I almost cried when my husband brought home this vinyl, puffy, black monstrosity for his new study. I'm putting a lot of effort into making it lovely for him and the chair just kills it! He has promised I can change the chair if I can find one as comfortable. Not easy. I like the desk you're going to get, perfect for you..Rachaelxx

  12. pop on over to my blog today, I'm 'shore' you will like what you see!

  13. Just gorgeous- i recently saw a pale timber desk like that and fell in love. I have deactivated my facebook and for some reason had not caught up with your news at all so off to read some more. Mel xx

  14. Love the desk - if only I had the room for it. I saw yesterday that you posted about that Pottery Barn memo board. Then a while later last night I saw that MadeByGirl is having a giveaway of one of those boards! Hope you've entered :) B.

  15. Hi Kerri, Happy new year to you. Would love to see your study once its done. I'm moving into my new house in 2 weeks time. I have 2 x studies to decorate, my husbands and my own. Really torn between tropical colonial and contemporary. Maybe I should mix both up? Once I've decided & created will post them up on my blog for all to see. Meantime if I come across any jems that you're searching for will give you a shout!

  16. Ooooh exciting times! I just bought this chair in white and it's RIDICULOUSLY comfortable - well worth the $395 (I got mine for $355-ish on the 10% off sale)...

  17. Hi Keri, and welcome to you as my newest follower! You have a lovely blog yourself. As for the chair, I would recommend checking out
    They do the replica classic Eames chairs {as many other companies do} but their's are a much better quality for comfort. The high back chairs are fabulously comfortable. {My own office chair is a white leather high back Eames from them and it is divinely comfortable, even though I have a back issue.} I have also used this company for my projects, and the clients have been happy with them.



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