Friday, July 8, 2011

Stately Homes by the Sea - the room reveal at last!

Back in May, I posted about the Stately Homes by the Sea Showhouse. At last, I can now show you photos of the room that Lauren Guarcello of Porter Design Company put together, and what a job she's done. Lauren commissioned me to paint a series of watercolours in vibrant turquoise to complement her scheme, and I think the results speak for themselves.

 I love Lauren's use of orange  - it really makes the turquoise pop

photos courtesy Peter Rymwid 
design by Lauren Guarcello, Porter Design Company

Lauren has done an amazing job, and I've heard a whisper that this room will soon be featured in a magazine spread. Talented and an absolute pleasure to work with - my favourite combination! You can see more of Lauren's work on her website, and she now has a Facebook page as well, so pop on in and say hi from me.

Hope you're all having a great week - I'm enjoying the school holidays way too much as always. They're never long enough for me, so I'm making the most of it before we get back to business next week. Catch you soon,


  1. Wow - these look amaaaazing! Great job and fantastic exsposure for you - well done! KG x

  2. That's a beautiful room, and don't your paintings look brilliant! Love it to bits. Congratulations on a wonderfully successful collaboration...the best kind!

  3. WOW, that is stunning! You must feel so proud to see your work in such a stunning room Kerri!
    Well done my dear!

  4. I love how your watercolours were used with an orange mat. You must be thrilled to see your work displayed so nicely.xx

  5. Hi Kerri

    Hope you are well today.

    I love the Aqua Blue. Always have loved that colour, l love blue, navy blue, aqua blue, turquoise blue, powder blue, sea blue..... the list goes on. All with white and sand. :)

    It does something to my sole....... :)

    As always lovely work too.
    thank you


  6. I must say I LOVE a grouping of your art. Very nicely done with the orange.

  7. What a fabulous setting for your looks fabulous with the orange!
    Suzie xx

  8. HOW GORGEOUS! I am obsessed with turquoise/coral color pallette. What a fabulous space. Thanks for sharing :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo


  9. WOW Kerri, what a fabulous colur combination, your art really "POPS!" Im off to see more!!!

  10. Oh they are a fabulous combo aren't they?!...congratulations they look lovely x

  11. Wow...what a statement your gorgeous art makes in this room, and love the matting she used. Great job as always!!

  12. How beautiful! The first pic is my favorite but the turquoise and orange look gorgeous together in all of the pics!

  13. So opulent, and the ceiling wasn't left out either. Your art looks stunning too!
    How cold is it...

  14. Kudos to you darl, your prints looks amazing. bet you're bloody chuffed!!!

    Our hols have just started so i'm on my pat malone for a week, but roll on next week, boys are back and i have a few days off : )

    hope you enjoy yours xxx

  15. H!

    Wow your prints look amazing backed with orange!

    Just gorgeous!.. They are right at home that fantastic room!,

    Marnie. xx

  16. OMG! what an absolutely gorgeous room with my favorite color combo of turquoise and orange - but the brown is really pretty too. Your paintings are perfect for it and look beautiful as well - congrats!!

  17. Oh Kerri, what a room, it looks amazing. What a talent Lauren is. Love your prints with orange mount board in thewhite frames they just pop.
    The ottoman colour below them could not be a more perfect match.
    Keep up the great work,

  18. Congratulations! I love turquoise and orange together. Your work is just beautiful--especially the blue and white china. A feature in Martha Stewart??!! How amazing. I'm heading over to check out my April issue now. I'm a new follower thanks to the feature on Lindsay's blog--Paint me a Picture. --Sadee @

  19. looks absolutely stunning Kerri! Well done! We have some of your fabulous prints that we'll be using in our new studio scheme so will send you photos when it's complete :)
    M & E

  20. Orange and pretty. Love your watercolors with the orange mat....stunning!

  21. Kerri, what a talented, dynamic duo you two make! Incredible... such stunning use of colour!

    Angela x



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