Thursday, July 7, 2011


Ever since I saw this photo of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne's new digs in Architectural Digest..

..I've been plotting how to incorporate some barn doors into my house. These are to.die.for. The colour, the detail, the exposed industrial runners....perfection. Here are a few more examples I've found..

loving these chalkboard versions - genius

 crisp and clean

 or a little more tailored

perfect for the home office 

Hmm, looks like I'd better start looking for the perfect vintage doors now - I'm guessing they're few and far between. Or maybe I could just commission MLB to source them for me, a la the Osbournes? 

image 2 source
image 3 source
image 4 source
image 5 source
image 6 source


  1. Kerri, they are all stunning. If I had the right sort of house I would be all over the barn door idea. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. Love them too. Have a look on Pinterest for more! ;-)

  3. these look great! Especially loving the chalkboard ones xx

  4. They're a great look, aren't they? A friend of mine lives at a house that has them. It's a new build so I wonder if they were old ones that were sourced or new ones made up? They look great though :)

  5. Hi Kerri, great photos. They all are gorgeous. Good luck finding some
    Cheers Fiona

  6. I love , love, love those barns ones the fav for sure..stunning xx

  7. I love this look although I'm not sure about the Osbourne's...a bit tizzy for me. I am surprising myself by saying I love the white ones best, although I do recall seeing a lovely yellow one in blogland somewhere :)

  8. Love the barn doors. I also would just love to have some in my home.

  9. Wish I had space for just one of these!!!
    GREAT post :)

  10. I love a barn door, but Sharon Osbourne definitely took it to a new level - they are gorgeous!!

  11. I LOVE this look! Right now I am hoping we can do one like your crisp and clean example between our kitchen and media room - when it's open it looks great and closed it makes the room very dark for movies - perfect!

  12. Just what i needed to see darl. Now this may be a sick thought, but i'm thinking of putting a sliding door like this in my new house, on - of all places, the loo that's in the laundry. as it's the only way i'll be able to fit a vanity into that tiniest room of the house. Too weird? I keep wondering if people will freak out heading to the "guest facilities" and finding a sliding door??!! what do you reckon?




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