Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vintage school chalkboard

Years ago, I was lucky enough to stumble across an old school blackboard, complete with easel, at a garage sale. I snapped it up for the princely sum of $5, and I've used the easel ever since in my studio. The chalkboard, however, has sat in my shed until yesterday. I've decided it's time to have a more organised system for keeping track of all my paintings on order, and as I'm a very visual person, I need to see it in black and white.


When I first bought it, I'd planned to paint the frame, but now I think I rather like it in all its shabby glory. I'm planning on hanging it on the wall, so that I can still use the easel for my larger artworks, and the chalkboard will be used as a visual diary of sorts. And as it's about to rain yet again, once I've finished my orders for the day, I'll get back to work on a painting I'm actually keeping for myself, which is something of a rarity now days. I have a large, blank wall behind the sofa in our family room, and I've earmarked a 3' x 6' canvas for the space. Once it's presentable I'll give you a look, but for now I can tell you it will be something of a hybrid between these:

Mixed media on canvas (sold)

Mixed media on canvas (sold)

'Drift II"
Mixed media on canvas 

(you can check out more of my paintings over here and here, if you're interested)

...with a few surprises thrown in. Oh, and before I forget, the lovely Mara, of Home Shabby Home, recently shared some pics of her new home office space. And hanging on the wall is my painting, 'Fresco'! Take a look:

By the way, I also wanted to thank everyone who sent birthday and anniversary wishes my way, you're very sweet :) We spent a lovely couple of days up Noosa way, and in spite of the terrible weather, it was such a lovely break.

Right, back to the coal mines for me. Have a great day everyone,

*all images and artwork copyright Driftwood Interiors*


  1. love what I see!
    Don't you just love a good garage sale find!

    I hope you are doing well, sounds like you have been busy!
    Take care
    Kristin XOXO

  2. What a great find Kerri! I like it unpainted as well. I'll be looking forward to seeing the new artwork reveal :)
    ps how lovely to have your work featured on Mara's blog!

  3. Great chalkboard. I am glad you left it as was. I dare say there is a lot of history on that frame.

  4. LOVE the blackboard. I wish I could find such bargains. I agree, I also have to see things written down and we use a glass fronted cupboard in the kitchen to write lists and notes. x

  5. Love the chalkboard and can't wait to see the new painting your're working on as I love all of the ones above!! x

  6. I LOVE your chalkboard and easel, Kerri! What a fabulous find. Sounds like a perfect plan to me, to use the chalkboard to keep track of your orders and continue to use the easel! I cannot wait to see the new work you have been working on. Hope you are well and keeping dry. Hugs to you lovely ~ Txx

  7. It is really beautiful chalkboard, I'll be looking forward to seeing the new artwork.



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