Monday, December 6, 2010

Sneak attack

It really feels like Christmas has crept up on me this year. One minute it was October, somehow I completely missed November, and then Christmas was looming out of the blue. I blame it partly on this weather - it definitely does not feel like summer here at all. It's rained on and off for the past few months, so the usual blistering hot days which herald the start of the holidays just haven't arrived.

To make matters worse, we still haven't put our tree up. You see, each year, we decide on a different colour theme. We decided on a turquoise and silver theme this year - but of course, when I went to buy new decorations, there was nothing to be found! Ah well, we'll manage somehow, and the tree will go up today one way or another. But then I saw this image over at the lovely Oliveaux:

...and was instantly smitten! How lovely is this, and what a nice change from the traditional wreath. I am officially in love, and think this would be just perfect for an 'Aussie' Christmas. But there's just one I need to add this to my list of impossible to find decorations! 

Ah, the joys of the silly season....


  1. I know exactly what you mean Kerri, Chrissy has completely snuck up on me as well.
    I adore that magnolia wreath and remember seeing it on one of the home magazines recently. I have a feeling it is actually real flowers, but I could be wrong. I remeber it was around $90 as I was a little sad at that :)
    I hope you find the deccys you are after. x

  2. I know what you mean! With the painters not finishing at my place until 17 Dec and heading off to Newcastle for Christmas I may even fore-go decorating this year...not sure how I'll cope with that! That wreath would look beautiful with frangipanis any of those :)

  3. It is beautiful Kerri and I agree, perfect for an Aussie Christmas.

    It's available from papier d'amour. Out of my price range though!

    Sandy K

  4. Oh they must be magnolias? How divine. If it's any consolation it wouldn't last that long because they look like they are alive. I rather like bay wreaths myself.

    Cannot believe you do new colours for your tree every year. That is true dedication!

  5. that is absolutely to die for!
    I have actually seen one exactly like it in a shop near my office!

  6. We haven't put up a tree either so you're not the only one. Will have to get to it as we are hosting Christmas lunch this year. That wreath is stunning! I think it would have to be made the day before though. x

  7. Fret not sister, you are not alone..! I haven't put up any decorations so far either. My daughter asked me this morning when the tree would appear.. Feeling the pressure now! :)

    Loving this wreath too. They sell it at a store just down the road from where I live (Papier D'Amour - they have a web shop too) and to me it is perfect for Australian Christmas. Just gorgeous!

    x Charlotta

  8. Hey, Kerri, pick me, pick me! I know the answer!

    I've been lusting over it at Papier d'amour since last Christmas. But I don't have $340. Sigh.

    Go to

    J x

  9. Very pretty. You could keep it somewhere all year.

  10. That is so gorgeous and pretty Kerri- love it:). I do that all the time- decide what I want and then go nuts trying to find it. Good luck with the Christmas tree decorating:)

  11. Oh, I love this wreath! Forget Christmas, this would go up in my house year round! Its so pretty and springy looking! Wow, I wish I could get that, but the price might be a bit much. I might have to try my own knock off version sometime. Hmmm. Thanks so much for sharing, it really is a beautiful wreath!

  12. Didn't this year just fly!! I had all these grand 'redecorating' plans, but sheesh....where did the time to do it go???!!!!
    I know what you mean about the decorations....I also wanted silver and turquoise, but had to settle for silver and any pale blue I could find...and then the kids wanted a bit of pink in the mix



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