Thursday, December 16, 2010

Road trip

I'm planning a little trip away, to one of my favourite parts of the world - Byron Bay and the hinterland town of Bangalow. Although I'm combining business and pleasure in this trip, I can't think of a nicer place to 'work'! My first point of call is my all-time favourite shop - Island Luxe.

images courtesy Shannon Fricke

 maybe a bite to eat

it's such a gorgeous, laid-back town

On to Byron, to visit Strangetrader:

...and everything else Byron has to offer

I can't wait! What have you got planned for the summer?


  1. LOVE these pictures Kerri, it all looks so exotic and elegant. My favourite photo is the street view. How we'd love a little warmth right now.
    Did you get across to see your print on my Christmas wish list?

  2. Have a brilliant break Kerri!
    Thank you for sharing these images, I think a trip to the Byron area should be pencilled into my diary.

    Felicity x

    PS A sentence in an email you sent last week held the inspiration for the 'Word of the Week' on my blog, thank you! x

  3. Well it just so happens I'll be up that way myself in January for a brief visit. Love that area and I have visions of retiring day :)

  4. That all looks so divine!! I keep hearing about how pretty it is up there and these images REALLY make me want to start planing a holiday. I don't have any plans for my break apart from from some art projects, lots of gardening and a road trip or two with a friend to visit some lovely shops :)

  5. That will be soooo nice Kerri! I love that part of the world, I hope you shop up BIG and share with us when you get back! We're going down the coast to near Batemans Bay, can't wait!

    p.s. you have been Gifted on my blog today!!!

  6. Hi there Kerri,
    this looks amazing! I wish I was going with you!!!! Maybe one day I will make it over there!!!
    have a wonderful day,
    laura xx

  7. Gorgeous Kerri, travel safe and have fun. I love that shop it looks like I could leave a lot of money behind there.

  8. Love your destination!! Summer..*sigh* feels so far away for me! I am anxious to get back to my favorite spot on the water though! :)

  9. Oh how I love holds such fond memories for me...because I had just found out I was 4 weeks pregnant with Jacq just before we left.
    Have a wonderful time jealous I wont be visiting all those glorious little boutiques there.
    p.s Have a little award for you at LDA :)x

  10. I love Island Luxe too, it is hard not to buy everything in the store.

  11. Beautiful photo tour of my favorite corner of the world, only a few more days and I can be on the road there.

  12. My favourite store is Island Luxe, I just love it and when your there you will see my furniture! hope you have a lovely trip to the most beautiful place in the world xx

  13. Island Luxe, I had not heard of it until now - but goodness, that looks like my kind of store!

  14. I hope you had a beautiful time in Bangalow and Byron (I call Byron my future home!!). I fell in love with Island Luxe earlier this year when I came across it on my visit to Bangalow - love it too and I have to take my mum down there and she too will love it.

    Hope you've had a great Chrissy xx



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