Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shopping for my studio...and a giveaway update

Morning all,

Firstly, I just want to clarify a few details on my big giveaway. As I'm running the giveaway alongside my 20% off sale until 21st December, I wanted to let you know that, if the winner has also bought artwork through my Etsy or MadeIt store during the giveaway period, they can either:

  • Choose another painting of their choice, or
  • Have the price of their original purchase refunded to them, whichever they'd prefer.
I've had a few emails asking me about this, so I'm more than happy to offer the winner whichever option they'd like. So don't forget to leave me a comment here to enter if you haven't already, but hurry, you only have until Wednesday!

Now the housekeeping is out of the way, on to some studio shopping! As I've mentioned before, I'm far from neat when I'm working in the studio. I've tried to keep things under control, believe me, but when I'm in the middle of a new painting, the place is a shambles. So I'm thinking some new furniture might help the situation (at least that's how I justify it anyway!). Two things are on my list at the moment - some vintage architect drawers, and a chalkboard. For the drawers, I was thinking something like this:

ok, not drawers, but this might have to be added to the list as well :) 

All gorgeous, right? But then I saw this:

...and I'm in love! Vintage, a little chippy, and in my fave colour to boot. Now I just need to find it...:) 

Oh, and before I forget - it just so happens that I do have a chalkboard stashed in my shed (I know you're not surprised!) so that just needs a clean up and re-paint. It's an antique school board, and came complete with the easel I use daily in my studio - you know the one:

I'll share all the pics once I manage to get it out and cleaned up. 

Enjoy your day everyone,


  1. oh my god love those drawers! and yes - of course you have to paint them kitchenaid blue!

  2. I love architect drawers...if only I had space for some in my tiny house :( Your studio's looking remarkably swish at the moment miss :)) Good luck with the hunting...I suspect you won't have too much trouble x

  3. I'm with you in loving those thin drawer cabinets, and especially the turquoise one. I'm totally convinced that's all that stands between you and a neat and tidy studio ;)

  4. Oh I love those architect draw/cabinets, especially the vintage type. They make such a great piece of interesting furniture in a room. I will keep my eye out for you Kerri. Maybe also have a look on ebay, you never know... I have seen some in Melbourne, surprise! ;-)

  5. Kerri I am in need of the same thing then I would do more art on paper!

    Art by Karena

  6. Oh Kerri, the aqua drawers are perfection.
    Have you discovered 'The Old Boathouse'? They seem to dig up the most amazing treasures every week http://theoldboathouse.blogspot.com/
    Perhaps they can keep a look out for your drawers...

    Felicity x

    PS On writing that last sentence I had an image of my Grandmother folding her laundry....hmm?

  7. These drawers are divine! I have noticed that even the tiny ones, or even the small file drawers are so expensive down here now. Everyone goes after them at auctions. *sigh*
    I agree, those turquoise ones are perfect :)

  8. Love those drawers and the easel! Beautiful!!! My mother-in-law has one but it is metal, still very cool though!!

  9. Drooling over those drawers. Drooling.... A x

  10. I love plan drawers too. There used to be some at an art store I used to work in. People used to offer to buy them all the time.

  11. I used to have some of those drawers when I taught kindergarten. I didn't really appreciate them as much as I would now!

  12. The drawers are perfect! I do hope you find some. Letitia x

  13. Ooh what a lovely idea, especially the aqua, that would look awesome in your studio!!

  14. The drawers are a beauty! Can't wait to see how everything is going to turn out. Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  15. I LOVE those draws. They would be perfect for you as so practical; but the stylish and groovy element they have are incredible. Good luck I hope you find some.



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