Friday, November 19, 2010

Hamptons Style Mark III

Before I start today's post, a little snake update: unfortunately, our friend has disappeared. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy to see him gone, I just hope it's a permanent move on his part. And unless we know exactly where he retreats to, the snake catcher can't come and remove him. Fingers crossed he's packed his bags, never to return!

Now that the excitement of the past few days has died down a little, I thought I'd revisit my previous posts on Hamptons meets Queenslander style. I think both of these homes are just gorgeous, and I love the fusion of traditional Queensland architecture with that crisp, elegant Hamptons style. And while we're on the subject of
combining architectural styles, I thought it would be fun to combine some of my favourite decorative elements into a virtual design for this home.

I'd gather unique pieces

I'd take a leaf out of Meg Braff's design book

throw in a little of Collette Dinnigan's style

 add an unexpected pop of turquoise 

 arrange a vignette or two

of course, I'd have to have the ubiquitous Queensland verandah

and to top it all off, incorporate some Windsor Smith magic

Of course, each of us has our own personal style, and this is merely my interpretation of Queensland meets the Hamptons. I'd love to hear what you'd do - would you go traditional, or maybe contemporary? Mid-century modern or country cottage, or maybe something completely different? And the best part of this virtual design process - you're only limited by your imagination!


  1. Kerri, I have to agree with a lot of your ideas there! Beautiful pictures. I hope that snake stays away from you - I read your earlier post, seriously scary!! xx

  2. Love the front door - it sure does pop

  3. glad your snake is gone... at least for now! hopefully you will see him no more :)

    i absolutely love your queensland meets the hamptons. it's a beautiful mix

  4. Actually, I would like one of each room.

  5. Lovely pics. I love the Queensland verandas. I also love the Hamptons look but on that one I'd probably go further south and opt for Key West style!
    If I have time I'll do a virtual design to show you!

    PS: much prefer this topic to the last one! Can't get used to the wonderful (scary) wildlife in Australia.

  6. I think you have just given me a free have basically ticked off all the essential decor elements for my one day house :)x

  7. I love those last 4 so pretty!
    Glad the snake left, we usually have about4 ratlers a year on our property, don't ask what we do with them :)

  8. oh my goodness I am drooling over that verandah ... beautiful...I want it!

  9. Loving your work Ms Kerri! You know one of these will be ending up in next week's top ten...but which one...they're all so good :)

  10. Kerri, that looks like a perfect blend of two very compatible styles. And I agree, how much fun virtual design is when the only thing limiting your design is imagnation...rather than budget! Glad your visitor has moved on. Still be careful!
    X Briohny.

  11. Early eclectic is what I call my style Kerri. We have it all! I love these images, especially the top one with that gorgeous blue. Just you have blue eyes? I have a theory, let's see if it works :)

    Jeanne xx

  12. Kerri,

    I love all of your inspiration pictures... especially loving
    the bookshelf display and the white outdoor room.
    We have similar tastes. I think you should have shown a couple of your amazing coral prints too!!! Def- Hamptons style

  13. I love the direction you are going here, such great inspiration images!! Kathysue

  14. Oh the natural elements with vintage pieces I love. Not to mention that glass window overlooking the pool. All of it really. :)

  15. PS - Let's hope it's good riddance to Mr Snake!

  16. I tell you what, if I had the opportunity [ala winning big on Lotto] to be able to decorate my home in a Hamptons meets Queenslander style, the first thing that i'd be doing would be to get on the phone and have you come and do the styling!

    I love all of the images that you've shared today Kerri, they speak to me of cool, fresh, easy-to-live in and very stylish spaces. The palettes is wonderful and would translate to transforming almost any style of architecture into space which would be a pleasure to reside.

    Thank you for sharing,


    PS Here's to your slitherin' friend making a permanent departure to another locale and taking all of his mates with him!

  17. Hi Kerri, I love your images... they look like they belong in a house near the beach - perhaps Noosa. They definitely have a more inviting feel to them. ;-)

  18. Hi Kerri,

    here is my version heading more towards Key West style:

    Queenslanders are so gorgeous!

  19. Such Beautiful images - I love how the turquoise really pops and adds a burst of freshness to the rooms!

  20. Such gorgeous pictures Kerri- love them. In my home I am blending a little english traditional, french, and the odd contemporary element for surprise. I am currently also removing more of the english traditional and going more Hamptons. I bought 2 cream starfish for my Powder room this week. My family have asked why are there dead animals in the powder room? I have been told they have to go lol.

  21. White and turquoise are just perfect together, thank you for sharing these pics with us. Mimi xx

  22. i love your combinations kerri....& the turquoise always makes me swoon!

    you're making me want that christmas drink on your queensland balcony more & more hon....

    melissa xox

  23. I love the white-painted porch! It feels so homey,relaxing and very tropical it reminds me of summer vacations at my grandpa's house.



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