Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blog friends

One of the best things I've found since starting this blog is meeting so many wonderful people. For the most part, the meeting is 'virtual', but I've also been lucky enough to meet some of my fellow bloggers in person.

Yesterday, I was invited to the home of the lovely Jenny of The Five Year Project, and we spent the morning chatting and sharing renovation stories over a cuppa. Jenny is as warm and friendly in person as she is on her blog, and I fell head over heels for her beautiful Queenslander, which she and her husband are in the process of renovating. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of a visit to her blog, here's just a little snippet of what you'll find there:

we had morning tea at this gorgeous table, which Jenny refinished herself

would you look at the domed ceiling - it's even more stunning in the flesh

...nothing like a great before and after, is there?

 Jenny's very talented husband built this kitchen island himself

her lovely, renovated master bedroom

hand-painted stripes in Jacob's room

Thanks for a great morning Jenny, and if you haven't already, pop on over to Jenny's blog - you can see all of the fantastic befores-and-afters on show. 

Also, thanks everyone for the lovely comments on yesterday's post - you guys are the best. Can't say it enough.

Have a great day,


  1. Hi Kerri, gosh such a lovely post - Thankyou! It was so nice to finally meet you and have you visit my home. I enjoyed our morning together, you truly are a lovely and generous lady and I look forward to catching up again soon. ;-)

  2. I hadn't seen the domed ceiling on her blog, but that is stunning!! Great cabinetry work as well :)

  3. Oh my, that domed celing, how stunning is that! Cheers x

  4. What a lovely home, and such a beautiful transformation! Thanks for sharing her blog with us, and I'm glad you had fun together!

    Kat :)

  5. What a beautiful home!! I love her floors in the kitchen!! So glad that you got to spend time with a friend!

  6. Jenny's house is fantastic and your photos look great. I am a follower of Jenny already and I agree that her blog is definately worth a visit. How lovely that you were able to meet in person and spend some time together. xx

  7. Hi Kerri. Hi Jenny. I am green with envy. Wish I could have joined you both :)

  8. So lovely that you got to meet up! Jenny's home is gorgeous. Love the stripes in her son's room :)

  9. I love Jenny's blog, and her she and her husband have done a great job on their home. How nice to meet a fellow blogger. I have just been catching up on your blog and love your rug - the design is gorgeous. Congrats on the new madeit store, Im off to take a look.
    Take care.
    Rebecca x

  10. I love Jenny's house. Such an amazing renovation. And I know often photos don't do it justice. Glad you had such a lovely time catching up:)

  11. How lovely to have had a bloggy catch up. Jenny's house looks amazing and it must have been great sharing reno stories :)

  12. absolutely stunning, so great to meet a fellow blogger, I hope to do so next year maybe!!! not sure who's down here in Melb...



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