Friday, November 1, 2013

Hamptons pool house in the heart of Sydney

Aussie devotees of Hamptons style will instantly recognise this gorgeous pool house. It was featured in Australian House and Garden magazine and, along with the main house, it can now be yours. The interior design is by Lynda Kerry, and gardens are the work of William Dangar, so you know it's something special...

I love it when a house I've admired in a magazine is listed for sale - there's nothing I like better than a virtual sticky beak (expect maybe a real one). And it's always interesting to see how a home styled for a magazine shoot can be completely transformed. For those who haven't seen the House and Garden feature, here's the link to the slideshow. Link here to the real estate listing while it lasts....


  1. agree it's fascinating to see the difference in styling requirements for a magazine shoot and a real estate shoot…not even going into the debatable difference in styling for real life, but don't start me on that….

  2. Wow, that's a stunner. I would be happy just to live in that pool house! Thanks for the links.

  3. i want i want i want!!!! {dream on!}

  4. I really love the kitchen. I adore black benchtops on white cupboards.



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