Monday, August 30, 2010

Reader redesign....the power of white paint

Last week, I received a lovely email from one of my blog readers, Karen. Karen and her husband had a common problem with their home, and one that I'm all too familiar with - the dreaded pine ceiling and brick wall combo! Karen had seen the huge difference a coat of white paint had made to my kitchen and ceiling, and is also a fan of Millie and Moth's work over at The Laurel Hedge, and so decided a white wash was exactly what was needed to give her family room a lift. Take a look at the before...

...and the afters


Karen is far from finished with her makeover - there are new lamps and accessories still to come, and her husband is building a cabinet to disguise the fridge and provide more storage. And if the transformation isn't amazing enough on its own, amidst all the reno chaos Karen underwent two eye operations! What a wonderful job, and thanks must go to Karen and her husband for letting me share their makeover success with you all.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend,


  1. amazing isnt it - hate to think what life would be like without a simple tin of paint to make these kinds of transformations!

    great pics, looks 100% better! jxx

  2. What a difference a can or two of paint makes ~ thanks for the inspiration.


  3. Wow, what a difference - I love it! Well done Karen, and thanks for sharing this with us Kerri :)

  4. Wow, doesn't it look so much better...lighter and brighter. Good job!

  5. Wow, what a transformation, it looks great! Those built in cupboards have given me some inspiration for either side of our new heater. Thanks for sharing and hope you have a lovely start to the week x

  6. Looks amazing! You can't go wrong with white paint :)

  7. Karen's makeover is amazing, the white really lifts the whole room and it is looking fabulous. xx

  8. Wow!!! What an amazing transformation! It is really incredible what a difference the white/black combo made to the room. It has a nice modern look, but still feels comfy! I really love it! Thanks for sharing!

  9. AH-mazing. i love the power of white...totally workin it! xo

  10. morning kerri- what a difference a big pot of white paint a beautiful blank canvas again!!

    hope you getting that spring weather's just turning here- the beginning of autumn is in the air....

    melissa xx

  11. Great title for your post. The power of white paint - fabulous



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