Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Not-So-Happy-Chopper

Morning all,
I'm typing this post very awkwardly this morning, so please bear with me, it may be full of spelling mistakes and possibly not make sense at all! You see, on Sunday night, I had an altercation with one of these evil little devils:

 Tupperware Happy Chopper - yeah right!

And to add salt to my wounds, here's what Tupperware has to say: 

'The Happy Chopper totally revolutionises cooking! Chopping has never been this fast, this easy or this safe!' 

What? Safe? As if! Ok, well it probably might be marginally safer if you don't decide to race in the door after your son's rugby training, late and with hungry hoards to feed, and twist and twist away, until you twist the not-so-happy-chopper right off the kitchen bench onto the floor. Then, DO NOT angrily hurriedly bend down to scoop up the lid, without first scanning the pile of mess for the deadly double blade that lies lurking, waiting for poor flustered operators. Oh, and DO NOT accidentally grab the blade and push it through the top of your thumb. It smarts a bit. I wouldn't recommend it, unless you really like copious amounts of blood, a trip to the medical centre for stitches, oh, and tetanus shots.

So, Mr Tupperware, I suggest you change the name of this little contraption, stat!

Ok, enough of my boo-hooing, but please realise that I can, in fact, spell, so disregard any mistakes - I really can't be held responsible at this point in time. But, while convalescing, with my family waiting on me injured hand and foot (oops, sorry, must be halucinating) I did manage to trawl through some of my old computer files, and found these pretty pics to share with you:


above images all courtesy realestate.com.au

Have a great day,


  1. Oh Kerri .. I just KNEW tupperware had an evil, dark side. Gotta love your injury pic though. At least it will keep you warm (very cold down where we live today). Love the ceiling in pic 1 btw .. (-:

  2. Poor You, I hope that you're getting lots of TLC & sympathy.
    It all comes down to the seemingly innocuous kitchen implements ie: the ones with a super-sharp blade covered in a deceptive plastic covering.
    I have a little story that I hope cheers you up.
    I volunteer at the children's canteen and on the first day I cut my finger chopping up eggplants. To make me feel better the supervisor told me the story of a Mum who had cut her BOTTOM the week before!
    Aghast but wanting to know how this could be done she held up a Tupperware slicing machine. Apparently the Mum had washed it up and then to get the last residues of water out of it, gave it a whack on her bottom! Clearly this doesn't conform to Workplace Health & Safety guidelines but gave me a laugh as I hope it does you.
    The moral of the story beware the plastic-coated chopping devices!

    x Felicity

  3. Oh my goodness Kerri, that is terrible. I have the exact same piece from tupperware and was actually thinking of sending it back as it just doesnt seem to work for me, even though the blade is terrifyingly sharp.
    I hope it heals up quick for you,
    Laura currie xx

  4. Oh Kerri, you poor thing. "The Happy Chopper"....really? That's so funny.

  5. Sorry to hear about your thumb. Just another reason why I should avoid cooking at all costs! I admit to having one of these ahem ... 'choppers' and never using it! Thanks for the images - I think the top one is from around my area (or it looks a lot like the one around here). These homes are all lovely. Hope your week gets better. Michelle

  6. You can boo-hoo to us all you want about your boo-boo. Poor you. You never realize how useful thumbs are until you hurt one.

  7. i have one of those choppers..they are a life saver best gadget i ever purchased through Tupperware but i must admit doesn't work as easy as the Tupperware lady demonstrated at the time lol hope your finger get better soon..those house images are gorgeous LOVING them all especially the bottom image i could live there XX

  8. Oh you poor thing! I steer clear of contraptions like that for that very reason. Hope your thumb is better soon :) I love that third last picture too!

  9. You poor thing Kerri! That doesn't sound very pleasant at all. I hope your thumb heals quickly and that you aren't in too much pain! But while you are incapacitated milk it for all it's worth. No cooking or housecleaning for you until it heals! The images are gorgeous. I love them all! xx

  10. I'm sorry your hand is in ribbons but, you did write that so amusingly I couldn't help but laugh.
    Hope it feels better soon.

  11. Ewwwww! Kerrie you poor thing that must have been a real shock when you picked up that blade, Yikes. Take care, Kathysue

  12. Oh no, that's aweful poor Kerri! I hope every family memeber have given your finger a kiss better as I find that helps. And don't worry about your spelling, it's better than mine and I don't have a chopped up finger!

    I LOVE those pics, oh to renovate my little cottage into one of those beauties, be still my beating heart!

    Take it easy my friend!

  13. Oh dear. I guess you are the not so Happy Chopper...sorry couldn't resist. Hope your thumb gets better soon.

  14. See....this is why I avoid tupperware parties! Thank goodness though that the funny bone is not directly connected to the thumb bone...because I am so pleased to see your sense of humour is still fully intact (even if your poor thumb isn't). Hope it gets better soon bloss xx

  15. And I forgot to say...so sorry...congratulations on 201 followers! 'Tis because you are awesome!!

  16. Oh your poor hand....I have done this with scissors:0 so I feel your pain...
    Thanks for alerting us to this dangerous "happy chopper"....
    I love the diversion pics...

  17. Oh gosh, the web is filled with mishaps today...must be something in the air! I'm glad you weren't hurt worse than you were, and I hope you feel much better soon!


  18. Gosh, Kerrie, this smarts!!
    Hope you are managing : )
    Love all of the images that
    you've pulled up, here.....
    Something to keep your mind
    off your poor thumb!!
    xx Suzanne

  19. Sorry to hear about your little accident Kerri but I love the shots you have posted! Take care!

  20. Ouch! I can feel the throbbing from here:( I knew there was a reason why I don't own any Tupperware!! Take care and I hope you are being spoilt rotten at the moment. Hugs to you lovely ~ Tina xx

  21. BAD Happy Chopper, Very BAD Happy Chopper!!!
    Thanfully it seems now that Tupperware is beyond my measley budget. Phew, no Happy Chopper accidents here!
    Hope it's better soon :)

  22. Oh Kerri
    you poor thing! I'm so sorry for your thumb!! Don't despair though ,I got my belly scolded with an equally evil "special" pasta cooker..I assume that's what happens sometimes to us,domestic goddesses ;-)
    xx Flaviana

  23. Yep, it is now official, you have said it out loud. Tupperware is evil, not only does it breed in dark places but has hatched a plan to maim and destroy. Stomp on it I say!

  24. Ouch, that's gotta hurt.
    Hope it doesn't take too long to heal

  25. I think I'm follower 201 and wanted to tell you that I had a very similar experiance to you a couple of weeks ago, but with a pair of secateurs. Four stitches, a tetanus jab *and* a course of antibiotics! Gory details on my blog, if you dare...

  26. Dear Kerri,
    You must always be careful of a chopper on the loose (if you'll pardon the expression !!) Hope it's feeling a lot better today. Gorgeous interior pics. I love the last three.
    .... and, once again, thank you so much for your post on my giveaway. You're a star. Love ya loads !! XXXX

  27. I'm so sorry! I have a fear of sharp objects. I tell my husband to not leave a big sharp knife in the sudsy sink water, because I am afraid I will reach in and get stabbed in the finger by the atrocious thing. I would avoid this think like the plague! Hope the pain has abated some.

  28. man, sounds like i've been wise in my avoidance of the kitchen of these years! have some bubbles - it will feel better! jx

  29. Oh mand that is horrible! Hope it heals quick! Love those interior pics!

  30. I always thought it was "Mrs. Tupperware." :)

    Hope your thumb mends fast, but in the meanwhile, milk it for all it's worth. . . have a little rest.

  31. obviously by the times and dates of the post commets you must be in a different part of the world than i am, so to add i believe that is why the handle crank on the quick chef is indeed a better option than just the twist. i will be glad to send you one complimentary from my tupperware business and hope you will not turn away from the great products that are in the product line == that is when they are used and cared for by the manufacturer's recommendations. the cut on the bottom still has me wondering what product that was.
    jeanbpatterson@gmail.com or my.tupperware.com/jeanbpatterson. let me help you with all your needs= sincerely, jean tuesday june 22.2010 739 pm

  32. Hi Kerri,
    I have one of these magic chopper thingees and i have diced with danger many ,many times. If you find yourself even momentarily distracted it is so easy to injure yourself. Hope you heal quickly.
    Donna xx

  33. That totally sounds like something that would happen to moi. I'm petrified to buy a mandolin slicer even though I want one, I just know it will come at a cost of hand injuries.

    Hope your poor little thumb gets better soon. BTW in my neck of the woods we call Tupperware... suckerware.


  34. Oh, ouch!!! Those chopper blades can be deadly. I hope your poor thumb recovers soon.




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