Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mixing it up

I don't know about you, but I find I'm drawn to many different decorating styles, making it hard to commit to just one. One day I'm lusting after Atlanta Bartlett's serene white rooms, full of chippy, shabby but oh-so-chic vintage pieces, and the next I'm coveting the whole beachy, Ralph Lauren/Cape Cod/Hamptons vibe.....I'm nothing if not fickle! But you know, who says you have to choose just one look? I love the fact that interiors have evolved so much in recent times, probably due in no small part to a little phenomenon called blogging, which means we're spoiled for choice when it comes to gorgeous, inspirational images of every style imaginable. Nowdays, anything goes, and for me most beautiful homes are those that truly reflect the taste and personality of those living there.

I really love the juxtoposition of traditional, vintage furniture, married with an eclectic piece of art. And it seems I'm not alone. If you take a look at these images from my files, you'll see that there's always a quirky element, a touch of the unexpected. You'll probably recognise many of these pics, some of which have been hugely popular in the blogosphere, which only confirms my theory - a good room can become a great room if you add even one unique piece.

unsure of the source - sorry- but I love the hit of turquoise in this otherwise traditional room

These next few rooms are the work of the supremely talented Anna Spiro. She's the master of combining an eclectic mix of furniture with injections of bright colour, to create uniquely beautiful spaces.

phoebe howard

This is the work of two fabulous local girls,

So, what do you think? Do you like a mix of old and new, a touch of the quirky and unexpected, or do you think you should stick to the same style? Love to know what you think.

Oh, and on the subject of art (how's that for a sneaky little segue!?!) don't forget to enter my giveaway of an original painting of the winner's choice. You've gotta be in it to win it, so get cracking!


  1. Yup..Im with you 100% on that one..I am as fickle as they come ..when it comes to sticking to one style..I am eclectic all over! and love it! :)

  2. Fickle? If I hadn't been christened Felicity it would probably be my middle name!
    I admire those who can carry off the one design style throughout their home without looking too 'samey-samey', but must admit that I am one eclectic gal in all things, music, art, food, people and find that the world is too rich in inspiration to stick to just one code!
    Thanks for the images...

  3. Nice to see that someone else mixes styles. As long as you love the things that make your home yours, go for it. I love seeing treasured family pieces with newer, more modern stuff.

  4. I am with you! Without the old, new and a little quirk, homes have no personality or character! xx

  5. Oh, I'm sooo hearing you on this one. I wish I had about four houses so I could decorate them all in different styles! I'm sure I'd always probably come back to something a bit relaxed, coastal and cottagey in the end though! I do love rooms with an eclectic edge...lovely pics Kerri.

  6. Me? Soooo eclectic and just beginning to really believe that it's okay to decorate this way.
    I love the art by the bed in the 3rd picture. Of course I read it as right left brain brain.

  7. Great post Kerri, Im definately with you, there are so many nice things out there to tempt us it would be torture to be limited to just one style... especially for our bank accounts. We would probably be ridding ourselves of the old style to bring in the new every 12 months!!!

  8. Absolutely, I think mixing old with new is an art to some extent but an art that should be practised more often! :-)

    I grew up surrounded by old things while I just wanted to and did buy new things! I'm still finding a way to carefully combine the two along with mixing and matching different styles.

    Like a wardrobe, I think the more things you buy that you love the easier it is for your collections to come together! (This is my former shopaholic tendencies coming out but it's true!)

  9. This post hits close to home. I'm having a lot of trouble deciding what my style is when it comes to decorating our home. As of now, I'm leaning towards something a bit eclectic because that's usually what I'm drawn to. We'll see what I end up with as time goes by. :)

  10. I have to agree, that you need to mix things up. It is always fun to be able to tell a story about a room. It gives it warmth, character and meaning. I love the pictures you have posted and will be putting some of them in the ideas file. Thanks Kerri!

  11. Dear Kerrie,
    Thank you so much for commenting on blog and enter to win a"give back". It took me all day to write the post I felt I had to do something to raise awareness. I have been very moved to see all the things each person is doing. I agree collectively we can help.

  12. I love some of those images!

    and currently in love with and one of those Anna Spiro images reminded me of her.

    LOVE IT!

  13. I'm the design equivalent of a serial polygamist!

  14. Hi Kerri; I am totally the same; so hard to choose just one! Beautiful images..
    Laura curriex

  15. Thanks for including me in your lovely post Kerrie.

    Kind regards,

    Anna Spiro

  16. Completely agree, I have a mix of everything in my home and that's what makes a home look like a home not just a furniture shop catalogue. I love the 'mix it up' style all those pics are sooo my style.
    Thanks for sharing Kerri and I agree, I think blogging has done heaps for breaking/making the rules of interior design. Hope you're having a great day!

  17. Great post with some gorgeous images - I definitely like a mix of decorating styles and hope to achieve the eclectic look in our home one day. There are certain pieces in our home I like to look fresh and modern but I love having meaningful, older pieces around too to give some warmth and character.

  18. Dear Kerry
    ok, I'm so relieved to know I'm not alone !! I like many styles it's impossible to choose just one! I found it hard to incorporate more then one or two in my tiny house but I would have loved to!
    I adore the mismatched chairs!
    xx Flaviana

  19. Yep. I am a hopeless case. Fall in love with a look then another and then another and end up procrastinating and not doing anything. After "the trip" I will throw my lounge and dining open for you talented bloggie ladies to guide me.

  20. Hi Kerri, I ditto what Janette has said so wonderfully in her comment. I have bits and pieces from many different styles, whilst it may not be magazine worthy, I think it is what makes our HOME unique:) Fabulous post and gorgeous pics as always!! Hope you are having a wonderful week lovely. Hugs ~ Tina xx

  21. Kerri, I don't know ho I have never found your blog before. Thanks for leaving a comment on mine, which lead to me finding your lovley blog.


  22. These are all wonderful Kerri. I love to mix it up...we have a very eclectic house filled with art from all over. It definitely screams southern hemisphere which makes it all the more interesting in the northern hemisphere:)

    Nothing to perfect...tres boring if you ask me!
    I love all the images you have shown here :)


  23. I am what I like to refer to as Traditional with a twist. Love the unexpected color or pattern or a touch of whimsy. It has to make me smile, that is key for me, It sounds as if you are the same! Kathysue

  24. i LOVE that artwork in the first picture! I wish we could find out what it was!
    & yep ecclectic all the way! then we dont have to decide or stick to a style! ;)
    sal x

  25. I'm liking that little inspiration-compilation, Lady!

  26. I'm a huge fan of mixing the old with the new, the traditional elements with modern day freshness...a homegenous room bores me. Gorgeous images...lovely post!

  27. Yes I sooo know where you are coming from... Eclectic has a certain appeal... which I love and I think makes a place that little more homely... I am looking at redecorating too.. but love soo many looks I am having trouble deciding too... so glad to see that you as beautiful designer have that problem too..:) Love the inspiration you have chosen for this post...
    Lou xx



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