Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm on the hunt....

....for some gorgeous pendant lights for my newly-zhushed kitchen. But it's so hard to find lighting that's beautiful and affordable. As the lovely A-M lamented recently (pop on over to read her post here), it's really difficult to track down something that's both good-looking and within the realms of possibility price-wise. This is the look I'm after...

...but it's nearly impossible to find. Regardless, I need to find something I like asap. Why? Because my hideous pine ceilings are about to be painted! I'm ridiculously excited - I've wanted to do this for years. I ran into a builder friend on the weekend, who actually enjoys painting (!) and he offered to come and help me with the ceilings - how good is that! So if I'm a bit scarce on the blog front, don't worry - I'm not sure I'm good enough to swing from a ladder, paintbrush in one hand and laptop in the other! But you can be sure I'll be posting all the goodies as soon as I possibly can.

Oh, and I also have some very exciting news to share with you all...so stick around, I'll spill the beans in the next few days!

Have a good one,


  1. I hope you have success finding the lights you want Kerri.
    Looking forward to you "spilling the beans" whilst swinging from your ladder...makes for an entertaining visual that does!

  2. Kerri!
    Boy do i have a find for you!
    I too can never find these lights - then the other day i was looking for a light for a client & i came across this site!
    scroll down & look at the saloon light!
    sal x

  3. Love those lights, Kerri. I would make the same choice - they just look fantastic.

    How exciting to have the ceiling painted - I can imagine the difference that will make - lucky you, finding a helper!

    Looking forward to seeing the results. Have fun!

  4. I am having the same trouble as you Kerri. I need a new light for above my dining table and they are ALL SO EXPENSIVE. I've been looking on eBay and in junk shops though haven't found anything yet so sorry though I'm not much help.

  5. Kerri..I was actually thinking of A-M when I began to read this...I thought she is such a clever cookie..and knows her stuff..she may be able to point you in the right direction...but yes...it dont come cheap. Will keep my eyes peeled for you x

  6. Try this link


  7. Hi Kerri, try IKEA if you don't want to spend a fortune. I have seen something similar there. I will also be checking out the suggestions from various people... best wishes!

  8. Oh how exciting Kerri. Cant wait to hear. Your magazine left me today on its way to you. Should be there tomorrow?? Happy Reading.

  9. Hurry up and get that ceiling painted so as you can spill the beans

  10. Hi Kerri, Ikea has gorgeous light called the OTTAVA it looks very much like a Nautical/Fishermans Lamp, it's also well priced at $69, check it out at ikea online.

  11. Stock up on ice for the neck and coffee/tea to keep you going - ceilings are tough to paint (my sympathy).

  12. Hi Kerri, love your blog, have just become a follower. I will be watching with interest how your search goes for the lights, I would love some when we build later in the year!

    Good luck with the ceiling painting :)



  13. Hi Kerri..I'll be posting about these lights later today or tomorrow (I've been looking for ones similar to those in your pictures for my kitchen, aren't they gorgeous?). I think I've found some for a good price, just need to check some shipping details..Rachaelxx

  14. Who knows - if your ceiling turns out well, maybe my husband will come round to the idea of painting OUR ceiling! (or of letting me paint it, to be more accurate).

    I'm no help at all on the lighting front, though I have seen some great conversions lately of zinc buckets, flower pots and lobster cages. Maybe there are shiny stainless bowls out there longing for a cord and a hole in the bottom!

    can't wait to see your beautiful result...

  15. I'm exhausted just reading that. Shall I sent you a Jane outfit for swinging off the ceilings and new lights when you find them! I need to replace the very chic paper lantern lights in my living space (ooh la la!) so will watch with interest my friend! Be careful up that ladder won't you. And stop being such a tease!! xx

  16. Great lights - I really like the semi-industrial look. Can't wait to hear your exciting news :)

  17. Let me know if you find them , my kitchen was finished months ago & still no lights ! Although I have just read your comments & there may be some ideas there. Not sure about ikea though , I went there last week out of desperation , no luck. I really want the rod on the light instead of chain.
    Very excited to see your painted ceiling.
    Karyn x

  18. Oh that is so exciting Kerri! What luck to have a friend that enjoys painting, have fun I can't wait to see the end result and good luck in your search for lights. xx

  19. Laura Kincade in Sydney (www.laurakincade.com) has exactly what you want Kerri. Go the their website, then click Lighting Page 1 - it's the Large Country Industrial Pendant Code: VC-CHC5136 Visual Comfort. However, it doesn't come cheap, but I would sell my kids to have 3 of these beauties in my next kitchen, they are sooooo gorgeous! Good luck!
    Millie ^_^

  20. I'd like to suggest Bitola Lighting at Browns Plains. They are fantastic to deal with and offer great advice. It is worth the trip to visit them. I have the exact lighting I needed for my renovations. They were very patient with me. The website is:

    What they don't have in stock they can source and often at a much cheaper price.

    Good luck.

  21. Oh, what are you up to Kerri? Will there be any beam painting involved? I am sure it will be wonderful.

  22. I was going to suggest designerlights.com.au .. but Sal from oncedailychic beat me too it. good luck!! looking forward to seeing the final pics. OH and can't wait to hear your exciting news (-: linda

  23. Ill keep my eyes and ears open for you! xx

  24. Well Kerri,
    This is what I love about the blogging world.....you have been given so many suggestions for those beautiful pendant lights that I reckon you will find exactly the right ones...... and, as Kerry said, stop teasing us !! What with the giveaway AND the exciting news, I'm on tenderhooks !!!!
    Take care on that ladder ! XXXX

  25. HI Kerri,
    Just spent a wonderful few hours last night, reading ALL of your posts! Love the Blog, Love the images and even emailed your DIY kitchen makeover to my hubby to show him how 'EASY' it is! (Ahem, im sure its not easy at all, but he's not to know that!)
    I love all the old Queenslander houses you have featured, we are shortly moving to Noosa from Perth and I have book-marked lots of images for inspiration for our next home. Keep up the amazing work, I have added you to my google reader.

  26. Try onlinelighting.com.au. They have over 1300 pendant lights listed. I'm planning to paint my ktichen white too - you have inspired me and given me the courage! I will be using cut glass handles from mother of pearl so plan to choose a glass/crystal finish pendant to really offset the shine! My benchtops were done my granite transformations and are a white granite composite effect with crushed up mother of pearl shell so they really reflect/shine in the light. So i am going for the shimmer/shine effect to brighten it up, we'll see how it goes. The splashblack has been tiled with 10 x 10 white ripple tiles on the diagonal - the ripple effect also reflects the ligh at different angles. We are planning on using pressed metal for the bottom of the breakfast bar and paint it white also for a textured finish.

  27. Hi Kerri, I am wanting the exact same lights in my kitchen & I found both the siver & the glass version at a lighting shop in maitland NSW but they have branches in QLD also. They are $129 each. They have a website http://www.cetnaj.com.au it doesnt show you products but does give you store locations. If that price is okay & you cant find them let me know, I will go take some pics & get some product codes from them & email it to you. They are really beautiful in person!!!

  28. hmmm I am looking for exactly the same thing...I have literally been on the hunt for ages for something 'industrial' that's all I have in my mind...

    enjoy the ceiling painting ;-))


  29. Love the lights you posted... gorgeous!! And totally agree with you re the price of gorgeous lighting... some pieces are are just plain outrageous... or I just seem to have expensive taste... lol
    Thoroughly enjoying reading your blog now I have found it...:)
    Lou xx



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