Thursday, September 13, 2012

Avalon beauty

I'm always drawn to the houses of Sydney's Northern Beaches - they have that effortless, laid-back charm I find really appealing. This home has just been listed for sale, and as I've never met a beachy weatherboard I didn't like, it's going straight to the inspiration folder:

 I love the tray ceiling - one of my fave design details

You can find the link here while it lasts.


  1. Such a stunning home Kerri. Thanks for finding and sharing! Jx

  2. Be still my heart...
    Love the exterior colour and that pond in the deck.
    Thanks for sharing Kerri,

  3. Gorgeous home highlight Kerri. We have been trying to design a courtyard style house for the past few weeks so this one will go in the inspiration folder.

  4. nice interiors very similar to mine

  5. Makes me home sick
    I grew up in Avalon. Such a lovely part of the world and maybe I will go back there to live one day....

  6. Lovely home. I can't he;p noticing all the sea fans! One is stunning but these seem to be alot in one space. I'm taking note to cull my collection!!!! LOL
    x KL

  7. Wow! This is a very beautiful house! I want to live in a home like this. What an inspiring home interior and exterior shots. I am also loving that pond on the deck. :)

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