Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rested, refreshed, and ready to go

Hi everyone, how are we all? Hope you had a wonderful holiday season - I've had a lovely break and now it's back into work mode and time to tackle all the projects I've been planning. Throughout the holidays, it's been busy as usual around here - a whirlwind of exam results, graduations, university applications, job interviews, birthdays....and that's just the kids. Exhausting! I'm looking forward to getting back to work - I really need the break.

My first job is to completely redesign my studio space. As I've mentioned before, I'm very messy when I'm creating. Try as I might, I just can't seem to keep everything tidy and organized. So I'm kicking off the year with a plan - storage, storage, and more storage! Of course, that involves research, and I've been collecting ideas, images, and inspiration wherever I can.

Look at that light! And I must find one of those trolleys - perfect.

all images via Pinterest

You can find these pics and more on my 'Studio Spaces' Pinterest board. And if you find some fabulous examples of stylish (and organised) offices and studios, please send them my way! I'll be back soon with an update of my own studio, as soon as it's a little more photo-worthy.

See you then,


  1. Looking forward to seeing it! These studio spaces are perfect... great storage inspiration - I wish I was that organized!

  2. Space! I wouldn't mind how disorganised and unstylish it was, if I had more space!

  3. Gorgeous working spaces! Makes me want to create. Leahx

  4. It's funny how we look forward to get back into work, it only happened after I had the kids! Those art spaces are very inspiring, I remember my cute little studio I had in our first house, man I had some awesome storage then!

    Glad you're back!
    (Driftwood- next on my top 5 blog list)

    Sar x

  5. I spy Gennine Zlatkis' amazing studio space in amongst your treasures [the 2nd last image] which has been my all-time 'pin up' studio for ages.

    Good luck with your transformation, I have no doubts that it will be a glorious space to work & spend time in.

    Happy day!

  6. Welcome back. I've missed you! Could I move into that first studio please? That would make me very happy :)

  7. Hi Kerri, what a great collection of images! I love the white shelving with the cute labels underneath. Can't wait to see what you come up with for your space x

  8. Happy New Year to you Kerri! What great images. I adore those little storage slot thingies in the third image. I'm still so very happy with the storage Lyn and I built, though I have it pretty chockers already. I look forward to seeing what you do x

  9. You have found some great inspiration! Good luck with the redesign.

  10. Oh, swoon... SO many lovely spaces here! I have an imaginary, huge, lovely, light-filled, peak-roofed, second floor studio on our single-storey home, instead of my tiny 3x3m room that has enough crammed into it to fill a huge studio, while my German Shepherd hogs all the floor space. (One day we'll have that second storey, maybe!)

    I tend to forget that I own something if it's not on display, which causes lots of clutter, so my current favourite storage item is old spice racks, for all those tiny bottles of ink and paint, etc.

    Studio updates are so exciting. Have fun!

  11. HI Kerri
    I have the same intentions too.
    I found a great table idea which I did a post about last year on the Ikea Hackers blog.
    It was a table made from kitchen cabinets which is the perfect height for me to cut and pattern make but the cabinets can be fitted with drawers and cupboards, awesome and very useful storage

  12. Yes Kerri, I'm trying with the organizing too...mine is not quite as neat as these amazing images...would love to be as organized as the fourth image!!



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