Friday, August 12, 2011

From the sublime, to the...well, you decide

Next time someone tells me to clam up, I'll take them literally. I've always loved the use of giant clam shells in decorating (as long as they're sustainably harvested, of course, or better still, fabulously faux), and I'm thinking I might need to incorporate a few into my design scheme.

Anna Spiro often uses shells in her lovely vignettes..

...and I love how Stuart Membery's used them for his gorgeous pooches...

..they look great as a centrepiece.. the bathroom...

...a summer fireplace...

...or glammed up with a little zebra print...

But I can't believe I've missed so many other fabulous uses! Of course, they're great for storing everything...

...from mermaids (note the ultra-comfortable, shag-pile interior).. children... champers.

But about making a grand entrance?

...for your next fancy dress party?

...or my all-time fave - the perfect place for a spot of planking?


  1. Hi dear friend. You had fun with that didn't you!! Hard to decide between the shag and the drag, but I am quite enamoured with the idea of the clam ice bucket idea. Useful AND fun :)

  2. hi kerri

    love love the champagne holder - love the vanity too but think it would annoy me after a while.

    Anything to do with the ocean and coastal influence and you have won me

    have a great day and wonderful post - thank you


  3. Haha, love the planking clam. They really do make a great champers holder don't they... Just the perfect shape!

  4. I so agree Kerri, I love a giant clam shell, so fun to serve as a drink holder and the bathroom sink fascinates me. Kathysue

  5. I love the use of giant clams in design, and I happen to have one myself. This has just given me the great idea of using it to hold wine or champagne fun!! Hope you have a great weekend, Kerri!!

  6. Love the giant clams, but definitley prefer them faux.

  7. Great post Kerri! I especially love the clam as a champers ice bucket. I don't encourage planking. x

  8. Hey Kerri, I've stayed at the hotel with the hideous giant green clam! Disney's Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando Florida. HUGE hotel, I guess tha's why they have oversized swans, dolphins and clams :-) But you forgot the most famous clam of all, Botticelli's Birth of Venus. Or is that a scallop she's standing in? ;-)

  9. Hi Kerri
    Love the champagne holder! Think I'm going to have keep my eye out one! And your planking photo made me laugh.
    Great post
    Cheers Fiona

  10. I think they look great as center pieces. I love that one on the dining table ...very elegant!
    Coastal Style

  11. I adore the giant clam shells. In fact I almost bought a spectacular ceramic one last year! What a great round up!! Certainly had never seen the furry one before!

  12. I'm always stuck for what to wear to a fancy dress party - now I have the perfect outfit! Thanks for the fun post, made me smile x

  13. Haha, glad you didn't 'clam' up on that post! I really love the clam costume.

  14. I am sure most of the things you use are Eduardo Garza´s, your work is amazing!! Congrats!

  15. Love, love, love the clam shell ~ especially when used for the dog bowl!



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