Thursday, August 11, 2011

A flying visit to Melbourne

I've just spent a few days in Melbourne, visiting the trade shows. It's been a long time between visits, and I'd forgotten what a beautiful city it is. I had my youngest daughter with me as well, and we had a fantastic time, wandering through the laneways and visiting the hundreds of cafes and eateries along the way. Here's a little snippet of our trip...

Here she is, leading the way (we were on a mission to Haigh's). Needless to say, we had to buy an extra bag to bring our choccie stash back home.

Wall to wall cafes...

a spot of shoe shopping (of course, not for me)

A quick stop at the Lindt cafe...

for the best hot chocolate.ever.

I only wish I had a few more days there. This gorgeous old building took my breath away..
 333 Collins St Melbourne

...and inside, this original banking chamber dome..

...originally the CBA building, built in 1891..
beautiful, don't you think?

Of course, we wore out our shoe leather (and our poor feet) at the shows as much to see, and take in. I really wanted to visit Katrina and Aimee at The Block (go girls!!), but just couldn't squeeze it in (and the 30,000-strong crowd was a bit too much to tackle). Regardless, it was so nice to re-visit Melbourne after all this time, and I can't wait to go back again. Next time I'm shopping just for me :)


  1. Hello Kerrie

    I am wishing I could type this message and change the text to green! Green I say - the colour of envy.

    Wow - I need a trip to Melbourne - it's been way too long.

    take care


  2. I miss my home town of Melbourne. I visit often - any excuse to wear my long boots and winter coats that I can't wear here in Brisbane.
    Enjoy. Kylie

  3. Those shoes are wonderful! Did you try a macaroon at the Lindt cafe?? I LOVE them. Glad you loved your visit to my home city :)



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