Monday, June 13, 2011

New blog on the block

I always enjoy finding new blogs to add to my ever-growing reading list, and this latest addition is fast becoming one of my favourites. I was commissioned to paint some original sea coral paintings for Melinda, and from her lovely thank you email I found her gorgeous blog - Georgica Pond. Reading through her posts quite literally stopped my in my tracks - almost each and every one of her inspiration photos was either one I had stashed away myself, or wish I had! Melinda has recently moved into a new home and is about to embark on a renovation, and from the looks of things, I'm going to love following along on her journey.

She and her family built this stunner on a hundred acre property in the NSW Southern Highlands.....

...but they've since moved to Sydney into this renovator's delight...

...and when we share these as inspiration for our renovations..

...I knew I'd found a kindred decorating spirit. So, if that's whet your appetite, head on over to Melinda's lovely blog, Georgica Pond. Oh, and make sure you say hi from me!


  1. She is going to have so much fun renovating that homw. Isn't it beautiful when we attract like-minded people x

  2. Kerri I too love dinding new sites, of course some days I feel like I am on the computer 20 hrs!!

    I will go and visit! I love your sea coral art!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my amazing Giveaway from the Novica Artisans!

  3. Kerri,Omgosh I was going to do a post on Melinda's blog too as one of my new favs. I too feel like we are kindred spirits!!! I love just about everything she does. What fascinates me is we couldn't be farther away, me in Calif and her in Australia. I am so glad you posted this!!! She needs to be introduced so others can find her!!!Bravo Kerri!! xo Kathysue

  4. Oh thanks for the tip, as someone about to buy 100 acres between the Southern Highlands & Canberra, then build a big homestead for our large family, i'm sure her blog will be super handy for me, love Posie

  5. Hi Kerri, thank you for introducing me to Melinda she has created a wonderful space on her blog and I've had a delightful time exploring.

    Happy day!

    Felicity x

  6. Kerri - Alex just rang me to say have you seen Kerri's post about your blog?! Wow - what a thril. Thank you so much for not only taking the time to feature me and some of the inspiration photos and bits and pieces from our life, but also for saying such lovely, flattering things. I've already had visits from lots of new people and so looking forward to sharing my ideas and the progress of our house with everyone. Thanks again, so much for being such a generous and kind fellow blogger and for making me feel so welcome and encouraged. Melx

  7. Georgica Pond is a great new blog but yours is great too- thanks for sharing about Melinda's new venture. I told her you send me along to her:)Love the image above from Meg Braff- always a big fan of blue and white.

  8. Yum oh yum! Before I head over to say Hi to Melinda, I thought I'd better say hi to you first! I have been popping in regularly but rarely stop to leave a comment these days. That's so not me, but I am really pushing to fit blogging in for the past few months. x

  9. Must go check her finding kindred spirits!!

  10. You are definately women with style, gorgeous inspiration pics Kerri.
    Im off to check out this stylish new blog!

  11. Gorgeous. I think I'll love following her as much as I love following you! I'm so happy to finally have some downtime to go back through old post of yours that I've missed. So inspiring!! xo



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