Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Feather your nest

I've always been a bit of a collector. As a kid, I used to keep little white pebbles (or 'lucky stones' as we called them), leaf skeletons, coral and shells from our beach holidays (along with a few poor little hermit crabs that I used to stash in the car without my parents' knowledge )....and feathers. I always loved finding feathers, particularly white ones, as my Nan used to tell me they were good luck. The gorgeous patterns and colours always appealed to my artistic side, too. So here's a little feather study I did the other day:

watercolour on paper 
210mm x 297mm
prints available in my Etsy shop

I'm thinking I may start a series of feather paintings - and peacock feathers are next on my list.I found this pic the other day:


They are lovely, aren't they? I personally would never use feathers unless I found them myself - I hate the thought of how some of them are harvested, but they're undeniably beautiful. 

I know the ultimate bowerbird, Sibella Court, is partial to the odd feather or twelve...

all images The Society Inc I'm in fine company. What about you - are you collectors? Tell me everything.


  1. Gorgeous, I do love feathers myself. Nature at it's best.

  2. Kerri your collections are divine!! I love feathers as well.

    I collect paintings, books, and whatever ticles my fancy!

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    Art by Karena

  3. Beautiful feather painting! I think a feather series sounds fabulous! I collect tea cups and saucers, my husband is a declutterer so this limits my collecting ability :)

  4. I like a collection that's nicely displayed. It shows a little of the homeowner's personality. I personally cannot collect ... maybe I've seen too many episodes of Hoarders, but I know I couldn't control myself!

    Suzy xxx

  5. Oh I totally love the feathers, can't wait to see the peacock!


  6. are one of favourites too....I have a whole pinterest board for them xx

  7. Great post - the feathers are gorgeous! I collect seashells, rocks and anything that catches my fancy!

    Hope you're having a fabulous week ;O)

  8. Kerri, your feather study is beautiful. You have such a gift for capturing the essence of your subject. I look forward to seeing more feather paintings.
    Ah, collecting - what a joy! I too used to collect things as a child, things like shells, bits of driftwood, pebbles and horse chestnuts when they were in season. I still do, and have shells, stones, seed pods and feathers dotted around the house. I remember where they all came from and that's part of their appeal.
    I also love dipping into mini collections of objects, such as my 4 Avon collectible perfume bottles, my 6 or so small tourist souvenir dishes and all my Penguin paraphernalia. In fact you've given me an idea for an upcoming post!

  9. ooo yes please, feathers are lovely. i do so love it when you launch into a study, so cool to watch xx

  10. Your feathers are tickling my fancy. Big time!



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