Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In the picture

I was having a little look through Wisteria's latest catalogue last night, and as always there were so many gorgeous things to see. Btw, if any of the good people of Wisteria are reading this post (which I'm sure they are!) I'd like to suggest that Australia would be the perfect place for your new store :) Anyhoo, amongst the many lovely things to see, I came across this:

Some lovely blue and white paintings that look rather similar to these, that just happen to be available in my Etsy shop:

Now you've indulged my little bit of shameless self-promotion ;) there is another reason for my post. I'm looking for some lovely, unique frames to pair with my new paintings. I quite like the idea of some sort of chinoiserie frame, but they seem to be few and far between. Any thoughts or suggestions? If you know of any that might suit, I'd love to hear from you. 

Ok, back to some more pretty pics courtesy of Wisteria:

Seriously Wisteria, we need you here. Stat.


  1. Just beautiful Kerri, I am going to have to check out Wisteria (btw the Wisteria in my garden is just starting to bloom, soooooo pretty!). I think maybe you should sell your beautiful art back to their shop! Have a great day lovely,

  2. Oh Kerri self promotion all the way I say. Love your work and thanks for showing us you gorgeous studio yesterday. I was inspired by your cushions and your colour choices were just what I was looking for Thanks Kym X

  3. Can't believe Wisteria stole your ideas (te he)!! Maybe you could try revamping some op-shop frames for your paintings to get the right look. Or you could ask Katherine from the old boathouse to look out for some for you. Thanks for sharing the lovely pics. Michelle

  4. Wisteria, we need you in Canada too!!

    Love the picture of the dining table & chairs with the big lantern chandelier *sigh*

    Could you maybe make your own frames, or modify simple frames from Ikea to suit your paintings? Which are beautiful, by the way :-)


  5. I'm tempted by not-too-plain frames painted with white mixed with lumpy spackle...

  6. Agree, love Wisteria! We need lots of things here in Australia hehe. Love your gorgeous paintings too :o)




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