Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blue, white...and a couple of hippies

I've just finished another watercolour in the blue and white series I started a few days ago. My mum has been a collector of blue and white china since I was a child, so I guess it stands to reason I'm quite partial to it myself. Here's painting #2:

      I painted one without the background

   ...and one with

and here's painting #1

Oh, and aren't these hippeastrums lovely? A friend gave me some bulbs last year, and after all the rain we've had, they've burst into bloom. I think they'll make an appearance in one of my paintings very soon!

        oh, and there's a peek at the background of my next painting

It's taken me ages to load these photos - yet again, blogger is being very uncooperative. The joys of technology!


  1. I love love love your art Kerri. You are so very clever!!!
    Just looking at your bathroom pic in the sidebar. Did you know we have the same tap/mixer? Great minds....
    Yes, I'll have to do some investigating into picture framing and the how-to's. Get back to me in say....5 years,lol.

  2. LOVELY Kerri!!!! I love these paintings you're doing (I love all your paintings full stop but i'm loving the blue and white china ones). Those flowers will look amazing painted, can't wait to see it! And thank you so much for your lovely comment today re my kitchen makeover! xox

  3. Two of my favourite things ginger vases and art. Love them.

  4. How lovely are the day lillies!

    My garden is full too. Was such a nice surprise in the first spring in our home when these bloomed and coloured the garden.

  5. Kerri, these are soooooo beautiful. Inspired by your post the other day, I tried to paint some blue and white china too. Let's just say I need some lessons :)

  6. So beautiful! Do you have a shop where you sell your art and/or prints of your art? Nicolex

  7. I absolutely love the blue and white jar painting - gorgeous!

    Hope you're having a lovely week!

  8. It like it! My mum collected blue and white china too so I've always loved it too. The hippeastrums are stunning!

  9. Love the paintings! Especially the one with the background!

  10. Oh Keri, your paintings are so beautiful. Can't wait to see your next one - the sneek peek at the background is gorgeous :)

  11. Just lovely! Happy painting to you!

  12. Lovely painting. I love ginger jars. They remond me of my granny who used to actually store her ginger in her. You are very talented.

  13. Those are beautiful Kerri, something about blue and white looks even better when I see all the detail in a painting!
    Switch to WordPress, it's worth the momentary agony.

  14. Oh Kerri, you know what? I think I prefer the white background ones! It's beautiful!!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous work. I love it.

    Pam x

  16. You're making me blush - thanks you sweet things! K xx

  17. This is fantastic Kerri, I love it! The colours are really beautiful xx



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