Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Perfect Queenslander...Part II

So...remember my recent post on the perfect Queenslander? Well I have a little update I think you might like.

Last year, I was enjoying my usual weekend real estate stalking browsing, when I came across this cottage. As soon as I saw the interior shots, I thought it looked familiar, and sure enough, the same owners had worked their makeover magic on another gem in just the next suburb:

this was an original workers' cottage with a new extension added to the rear 

the new side entrance, linking the original cottage and the new addition

if you look closely you can see some of the owners' amazing art collection

love the dark floorboards and the glass louvre splashback  - what a great idea!

love this!

the outdoor area was one of the home's best features

as soon as I saw this pic, I recognised the bedhead and lampshades straight away - remember this from my previous post?

all images from here

So, now the big question - which do like the best? The original homes are quite different, but the common theme with both renovations is the addition of large modern extension to what was originally a small Queensland colonial. Do you like the idea of combining old and new, with the extension visible from the street? Or would you rather a more subtle approach, with no clue to what's in store? I'd love to hear what you think so leave a comment and we can debate the pros and cons!

Have a great day everyone, 


  1. That's a tough question for so early in the morning! I just can't get past that extraordinary outdoor living area...I think my whole townhouse would fit in there! Beautiful...thanks for showing it to us and making me wish I lived in Brisvegas just one more time! xx

  2. SO BEAUTIFUL! I agree with Kerry, I'm just in awe viewing those outdoor photos, integrating nature and indoor decors! thanks for sharing...have a nice week ahead..

  3. I think it is probably one of the better one's I've seen. I imagine it's quite a difficult thing to pull off without looking like a right disaster. I really like this one, the way they've picked a more modern colour scheme and carried it through to the original part of the house. They seem to me to tie in quite well together - looking forward to hear other peoples thoughts.

    That outdoor area is amazing. Wow.

  4. I love the back area, fireplace, open to the outdoors love it xx

  5. Wow, what an amazing home!
    I prefer homes where you can't tell that there has been any addition till you enter the home. It's like a great suprise and I like the fact that the front of the house can be decorated in an original style then the back modern. Thanks so much for sharing Kerri! Have a great day.

  6. oh my gosh it is GORGEOUS. def forwarding this to my fiance. so so pretty! xx

  7. I am a cottagey girl, so love the front original part of the home from the street and have to be honest I was a little taken aback by the exterior view of extension from the front...That being said the interior is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing Kerri! I hope I wasn't too honest there! Happy Tuesday ~ Tina xx

  8. I usually prefer the new being hidden behind an old facade, but if the new is interesting and beautiful I say let it shine through! It is a beautiful home!

    Kat :)

  9. Love the honesty Tina! I really like to hear what you all think, because modern extensions to older homes can be such a contentious issue and everyone has a different opinion. Even more interesting to me is that my sister's home is almost identical to the original cottage shown here. Personally, I would prefer the new extension not be visible from the exterior, but in this case the sloping block made that impossible. But I did love how much space they managed to squeeze into a small inner-city block, and that outdoor area was just divine!
    K xx

  10. What an amazing outdoor space! I'm so glad you stopped by.. now I get to visit your beautiful blog! New follower! xoxo

  11. This house is A M A Z I N G!! When can I move in??

  12. Ah those floorboards -we are installing ones very similar to those in the coming months !

    I do love them both although the first is possibly my favourite. I tried to find it on real estate - can you share with me the suburb - please!!?? xx


  14. Love the house. Don't mind the extension being visible. Does anyone know where you can get wardrobe's built in similar to the main bedroom? I've researched without success. Thanks for the post.

  15. Such a gorgeous house, especially that stunning outdoor living area. Wish I could get a fireplace past my husband! When extensions are as well done as this I don't mind if you can see it from the road or not... I loved the other Queenslander too.
    Clare x

  16. Gorgeous house - you can't beat an old Queenslander. Leigh

  17. We lived in a a baby Queenslander very similar to this one in Indooripilly when we lived in BrisVegas for a couple of years back in the mid-90's. It had been faithfully restored, but was ever so tiny, very cramped & with no heating or cooling. How different our lives would have been if it had been given a magical make-over like this beauty!
    Millie ^_^



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