Monday, June 4, 2012

Happenings...and house stalking

Do you ever sit back and realise how lucky you are? I try to take the time out to appreciate all the good things, and lately I've had plenty of reasons to be grateful. It's been really busy on the work front, but when work means meeting up with lovely clients, in their gorgeous homes, I'm not complaining. Over the past weeks, I've taken a couple of road trips to the beautiful Byron Bay region. It's one of my favourite places on earth, and to top it off, I was honoured to have been invited to one of the most stunning homes I've ever seen. Let me set the scene for you: a beautifully restored farmhouse, set in rolling green countryside in the Byron hinterland. I know. I've been intently plotting and planning my move there ever since, and as I can't manage to persuade the current owners to part with their lovely home (yet), I guess I'll have to find an alternative. So take a look at a few options I've come up with......

Firstly, there's Coorabella, a bohemian old dame in the most amazing location. On the market for a cool $8mil+ (here's the link while it lasts)...

I have to admit - I'm imagining this painted with lashings of white paint...

Or how about Bandongrove - still one of my faves. Sadly, it was sold a few years ago...I just wasn't quick enough to pay my $7.5mil...


 garage/cinema/rumpus/servants' quarters

 it's all in the details

stunning home in a stunning location

Ah, the serenity.......


  1. hi Kerri -they are beautiful! thanks for sharing. I dream of living in the country although i'm petrified of snakes. LOL. I think that's why the subtitle of my blog is a country life in the inner city suburbs. no snakes in Lilyfield.
    Not that i've got a spare $7-8Mil anyway....
    cheers Fiona

  2. oh I love the Bandangrove! so stunning! Have a lovely week xx

  3. They're both beautiful but what about the vacuuming? I suppose if you can afford 7 mil+ you can afford a cleaner!
    Have a great week Kerri x

  4. yo kerri! long time no speak! A friend of mine went to a wedding in that first house! Looked so cool with the disco ball on the balcony! drop me an email - i seem to have lost your email address! sal x

  5. Ah Kerrie, if only we could win the lottery!

  6. somewhere i think i'd like to end up one day. amazing houses but too big for my liking. i could live in a very small section of one of those.

  7. The paint colours on that Byron Bay house are perfection. I'm thinking of using similar colours for my renovation.

  8. Wow...gorgeous homes. Bandongrove is amazing...what an unbelievable property - so hate you missed it!!!

  9. holy smoke, I'd be happy with just the servants quarters.....or even the teepee!

    A-mazing homes kerri.
    Sar x



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