Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Surf's up

We're a family of beach lovers, and the crew are partial to a spot of surfing. The Mr has just bought himself yet another board to add to his growing collection, and my youngest daughter has apparently found her next birthday present:

She can't choose between the black..... 

or the aqua...... 

...and who can blame her - I'm tempted to buy one just for decoration! Find yours at Coco Republic.


  1. So buy both! (I have NO idea how much they run!)

  2. Ooh, I love the aqua one - it's such a pretty colour!

  3. These are fabulous Kerri! Who'd have thought to go to Coco Republic for a surfboard?!

    Abbey x

  4. OOHHH, I agree - worth buying 'cos they look so darn good! KG x

  5. Hello Kerri!
    I just found your blog and I think it is amazing, what a great inspiration.
    I wish I could go to Australia one day, it seems to be such a beautiful country.

    //Charlotte from the other side of the world, Sweden!!!!!!!!!

  6. I was thinking decor too! No surfing for us up here in Canada...least not where I hanging on the wall or tucked in a corner would be fab! Happy Wednesday!

  7. Oh Wow, they are gorgeous! I recently had my first attempt at surfing and got a massive bruise. I might be tempted to try again with one of these beauties.

  8. The designs are fantastic!

    re comment, lucky you ... it's so gorgeous!

  9. I went out with a surfer once and toyed with the romance of designing my own board despite the fact that any time I attempted to guide a plank through the waves it invariably ended up doonking me on the head!

    The reality is that unless I take up stand up paddle boarding I won't ever have the dexterity to own a surfboard but man I could totally have any one of these beauties in my home. It would be a tough choose but either the blue & grey chevron or the red and white weave could come and grace my living room wall....and maybe even my roof rack for show.

    Happy day!



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