Friday, February 17, 2012

Gold fever

My taste in interiors usually tends towards the natural, but lately I'm in the middle of a full-blown affair with gold. Not too much, mind; just a smattering here and there is all it takes. I'm loving the combination of coral and gold in particular, but just about any hue can benefit from a little glitz and glamour. I've even started a Pinterest board dedicated to all things shiny and pretty - here are but a few:

 Such an unexpected combination...lashings of white, a touch of france, a little wishbone, and a statement piece in gold. Love it

Florence + pink + gold = winning!

I'm so smitten that more than a couple of my new paintings feature one of my very favourite materials - gold leaf. So much fun, and always eye-catching. Gold fever has taken hold.

Hope your weekend is golden. Catch you soon,

for image sources please visit my Pinterest page


  1. Every image is gorgeous! I've been in a golden mood lately, too. Gold adds a touch of luxury to a space.

  2. nice Kerrie! Just saw your pink and gold painting in your etsy shop! Pretty fabulous. I'm into gold + that soft blush colour right now! So how long do you think it'll last!? lovT

  3. I really like your blog:) Great pics and som much inspration...I wish you a lovely week
    LOVE Maria at

  4. thanks for the inspiration i needed to work on my study's revamp....i'm thinking the gold screen and white desk will work wonderfully xx

  5. I can't wait to see some of your paintings with the gold leaf! That's exciting news!! Gotta love a touch of glam :)
    xx A

  6. I am not actually a gold fan , but your images could sway me.... easily ;)



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