Thursday, November 10, 2011

New in Blue

I know I've said it a million times before, but I just can't go past the classic blue and white combo. Beachy or traditional, dramatic or dreamy, there's a blue to suit every mood. I'm working on lots of new and exciting paintings, and first cab off the rank is a piece in a lovely new shade of blue - French blue to be exact. Here she is:

'Seaweed II in French Blue'
210mm x 297mm (8" x 11")

ooh, and look how lovely she looks in Sig Bergamin's stunning beach house (allow me a little creative licence, ok?)

 original photo of Sig Bergamin's work courtesy Elle Decor magazine

I've just about finished a large version of this piece in denim blue (actually, I think the denim would look even better in Sig's place!) and also, I have a raspberry version on order too.

Over the next couple of weeks, I have some really exciting new pieces to share with you all - some are new additions to my existing range...think more of my blue and white series, new sea corals, butterflies and feathers... and others are brand-spankin' new paintings in new styles and designs. Can't wait to share them with you all - of course, I'll reveal all as soon as they're ready.

Catch you soon,


  1. Ooooooh...cant wait Kerri...your artwork is always a feast for the eyes! x

  2. Love bigger - way to go! How about 90cm square?

  3. Love it Kerri, you're inspiring me to paint and sketch again,
    Sar x

  4. Keep it up, its so nice to follow along from a far!

  5. Hi Kerri,

    Truly beautiful. I would love to see the Denim Blue. Mimi xx

  6. Oh, how dreamy, Kerri. That's one of my favourite shades. I look forward to doing some shopping once Planet Baby's finances allow ☺. J x



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