Friday, October 14, 2011

2011 Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House

I've loved Coastal Living magazine since I first stumbled upon a copy in my local newsagent a few years ago. It's right up my alley - gorgeous beach houses feature in every issue; from the quintessential shack, right through to homes where the word 'shack' definitely doesn't apply! The 2011 Ultimate Beach House is now open for inspection, and was designed by none other than Phoebe Howard - so you know it'll be beautiful. Come on in and I'll take you on a tour.....

Relaxed, casual, unpretentious - everything a good beach house should be

Phoebe chose to leave the base cabinets in natural timber, for durability

love the framed thongs (Aussie for flip-flops, not the underwear kind). I'd love to do this with some  fabulous Havaiana styles - I think they'd work a treat framed like this.

serene and soothing

and how about a carriage house above the garage - perfect for housing those extra holiday guests

and the side porch, for when you've had enough of gazing at your ocean view

You can check it all out here - there's a special digital issue, or you can let Phoebe herself walk you though, and give you all the deets. Love.

I'l be taking a little blog break - I'm seriously slammed with work at the moment, so I'll be back later next week with some new goodies to share. See you then,


  1. Very very swish. It's all so lovely, I especially like the outdoor fireplace :)

  2. Hello Kerri

    Oh yes! I am a coastal living fan too - it's what you see on my hall table in my entry with another brand of coastal mag.

    this is a nice exposé you have done (I must be old fashioned but I can't get into these new double dining chairs shown or the new double kitchen bench stools I've seen around).

    have a good blog break (but you won't be resting :(

    x Loulou

  3. Stunning- how cute are the thongs on the wall??


  4. Absolutely stunning!! So open and light and bright! x

  5. Oh Kerry...that was some serious eye candy! Wish I could click my heels and magically transport myself to any one of these places ; )
    Enjoy your break sure to squeeze in some r&r time for yourself too...look forward to hearing more about these new goodies ; )
    A x

  6. I could move right's so pretty and inviting. Adore the flip flop pictures in the breakfast nook with the fabulous banquette!!

  7. I love the oars wall mirror. Very genius idea. Why I haven't thought of that?

  8. Wow, I am loving that bedroom - I don't think it could look any more soothing!

  9. I always love a good beach house. Wish I could live in one. A dream of mine! By the way, I added you to my blog roll. Enjoy your blog..

  10. Very beautiful pictures.

    All the best, Cindy

  11. I love the quirky artwork with the flip flops!

  12. I was about to do a post on this very house!!!! gotta love how we think alike, lets do coffee next week xx

  13. I feel the rugs/carpets play a very important part in making up of a beach house.



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