Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Porchlight Interiors

This month's issue of Home Beautiful magazine is an absolute cracker, and one of the gorgeous homes on show belongs to Hayley Hayes, co-director of Brissie based design firm, Porchlight Interiors. Besides being talented decorators, Hayley and sister Tracey are just lovely, and I was thrilled to see Hayley's beautiful home showcased this month. And to top it off, if you look very closely, you can spy one of my prints on the wall - 'Seagrass in Turquoise'. So chuffed - thanks Hayley!

terrible pic of my print, but isn't Hayley's home gorgeous?

'Seagrass in Turquoise'
210 x 297mm (8" x 10") 
prints available here on Etsy

love everything about her kitchen

photography courtesy John Downs

So, do yourself a favour, and check out the magazine if you get a chance - you won't be disappointed.


  1. Love the tiny snippet of your print in the corner. It all counts, doesn't it? It's a lovely home. The kitchen is gorgeous. xx

  2. What a gorgeous home!! Love that first room. I saw this mag yesterday at Coles but put it back on the shelf. Might have to visit the newsagent this afternoon I think...

  3. Hi kerri, i got my magazine the other day and was so in love with her home! gorgeous fabrics everywhere, and lovely bright mix of colours!
    Have a wonderful day!!
    Laura xxx

  4. Love your blog kerri, stop over at our new blog at White label.

  5. Thanks Kerri, you are so gorgeous! i am going to add some more pics that were not included that will show off your prints nicely.
    Hayley xx

  6. Hi Kerri, Great spotting, what a stunning room too. I will be off to the shops to grab a copy tomorrow.
    Sarah x

  7. It is a fabulous house! So many gorgeous details throughout :)
    Abbey x

  8. you are one clever gorgeous gal K- i am seeing you all over the blogosphere at the moment!

    just wonderful and her house is pretty divine too ;)

    melissa- miss sew & so

  9. Bravo, Kerri. It's one of my favourite magazines - it's always so fresh and inviting. J x PS I mentioned you in my post today.

  10. Isn't it just gorgeous and your beautiful prints look wonderful. Reading Home Beautiful as we speak. Have a lovely day xx

  11. Your print looks amazing and to think I have one too. Yippee!!

  12. See, this is what I miss now that I no longer buy magazines! Sheesh. Loving those chandeliers and the Kerri Shipp too of course :)

  13. Gorgeous home! And that kitchen is just fabulous! Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  14. Super cool! I kinda like the painting in a black frame... :)



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