Friday, April 22, 2011

Hippity hop

Yep, Easter is definitely on its way, and here at home I've been busy organizing a few little decorations to make the break more festive.

I whipped up this little Easter egg tree - nothing too elaborate of course, just a little something to set the mood.

 source unknown - sorry

And then my good friend Martha called, and we had a little chat about what she could do to decorate her little farm.....she always likes the place to look nice, and I was only too happy to give her a few tips. That's how I roll.

My bestie - Martha

But by far the most taxing job I'll be tackling over the next few days is the yearly Easter Egg Hunt. It's a family tradition that we've carried on since the crew were babies, and in spite of the fact that they're all well into their teens, each year we hide a stash of eggs in every conceivable place throughout our two-plus acre property. That's the easy part. The hard part is making up more cryptic and clever clues every year, and finding new places to stash the eggs. 

my favourite chocolate - Haigh's. Delish

Our biggest shed is always a great place, but not sure the eggs would last too long this year....we have a visitor:

He's a carpet snake - completely harmless, although not if you're a possum...or a chook. This guy left us a little present a week or so ago - a newly shed skin. It measures 11 feet from head to tail, so he's a reasonable size. Our neighbours have lost a few of their chickens lately, including their rooster, and they found the culprit at the scene of the crime, with a suspicious rooster-shaped lump in his belly. So I'm guessing a few easter eggs wouldn't stand a chance. 

Anyhoo, I'm off to make a start on the clues. What do you guys have planned for the Easter break? Any fabulous family traditions? I'd love to hear all about them.

Happy Easter to you and yours,


  1. Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh! That's a little too much wildlife for me my friend. Even though I love chocolate I'd be leaving the Easter egg hunt for people much braver than me. And I thought going to Woolies for eggs was dangerous! Have a wonderful Easter :) xx

  2. Harmless.. you think!!
    I would have a heart attack if I saw that at our house. I'm still getting used to the bird-sized moths that appear in March/April every year, the hand-sized you-know-what's (I can't say the word) and the lizards everywhere. Snakes. Yikes. That would just do me in.

    Have fun on the easter hunt (-:

  3. Have a very lovely easter Kerri, certainly hope your lodger decides to move on soon! But with all the food so easily within his reach, he has got it made!!! I am having family over on sunday; thats about all. Husband is away so that means I will have to do all the cooking which I am not very fond of, but its my turn!! Should be a fun afternoon. Take care, enjoy your egg hunt!
    Laura xx

  4. He must be good for clearing out the rodents. Have a Happy Easter! x

  5. Hi Kerri not sure my message went through so am trying again... I am amazed at the size of that snake!
    I am no surprised that your kids stil want to have Easter egg hunts as they sound like a lot of fun :)

  6. That tree is definitely OTT (over the top)! I'm not sure I would be so keen on sharing my shed with an 11 foot snake. You seem to be taking it in stride.

    Our only really unique family tradition is that we give the kids a bag of chocolates and they hide them for the adults (we of course, hide eggs for the kids) and they get a real kick out of us looking for the eggs they have hidden. We've done that since they were small and it is a big hit.

  7. Happy Easter Kerri, sounds like you guys have a tonne of fun....We have an egg hiunt & just catch up with family!!!
    Love your snake!

  8. Love your tree! Martha could certainly learn a lot from you. Very cute post.

    My grandmother used to create the most wonderful Easter Egg Hunts. Really, it was like Christmas. So great that your kids still enjoy this, even though they are teens. Hope it's a lovely day for all.

  9. That tree is amazing...who took all that time to decorate it I wonder, and yikes about the snake! We'll be hiding eggs this weekend too...a tradition for us as well!

    Kat :)

  10. What a beautiful snake. We're having a little Easter egg hunt here tomorrow and that's about it. Hope you have a lovely break..Rachaelxx

  11. Champagne and a white chocolate bunny for me!

    Happy Easter!!

  12. Gorgeous tree.. I bet you whipped that one up in no time...Enjoy your weekend ...Kym xox

  13. Love your tree - doesn't look like it was too much work ;-) . I'm definitely going to check out Haigh's - those eggs look beautiful! And I SO don't like snakes - may not be dangerous but don't like nonetheless. Wishing you a wonderful holiday with your family!!

  14. Oh that tree wouldn't have taken long to set up would it? A few minutes?? hehehe

    Happy happy Easter!


  15. Kerri, I have a Haighs chocolate addiction too. All my family and friends buy it for me when they're interstate. So I'm glad they don't have a store in Queensland! Amber

  16. hope you had a wonderful Easter, Kerri! I am afraid I wouldn't be venturing into that shed to hide eggs as I am terrified of snakes! Have a great week! xx

  17. Hope you had a fabulous Easter weekend!!!



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